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Jennifer Garner Reunites With “Alias” Co-Star

Jennifer Garner reunited with her Alias co-star and TV dad, Victor Garber, for lunch on Thursday. For fans of the early 2000’s spy show, the reunion was a sweet reminder that they just don’t make those shows like they used to. Alias fans can enjoy some pics of the reunion and remember what it was like to watch these two …

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“Deception” Actor Comes Out After Jodie Foster’s Speech

“Deception” actor Victor Garber hasn’t gone public with his sexuality, but recently told a reporter that “everyone knows” he’s gay. He went on to say that he and his partner, Ranier Andreesen, have been living together for years. After a blogger did some investigative reporting on Garber for an interview, he discovered a blurb on the actor’s Wikipedia page that …

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