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Don’t Understand The 3D Printed Gun Controversy? Watch This Documentary

3D printed guns were viewed as more or less a curiosity when they first started to gain mainstream exposure last year. It wasn’t until the tragedies at Aurora and Sandy Hook that 3D printed firearms became a full blown controversy with gun control advocates calling for the renewal of the Undetectable Firearms Act, and opponents, namely Defense Distributed, pushing the …

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John McAfee Says He Is Safe In Guatemala, Plans Press Conference

John McAfee says he has made it safely to Guatemala, and will be meeting with officials in that country. He plans on doing a press conference. In the latest post on his blog, McAfee writes: I apologize for all of the misdirections over the past few days. It was not easy to exit Belize and required many supporters in many …

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Jose Canseco Hired To Write For Vice, Talks Gun Control

Jose Canseco has never been known as a guy who holds his tongue. He’s loud, he’s brash, and he writes things the way he thinks them. Unfortunately, he’s seen by many as a heavily-muscled jock with not much between the ears. So when Vice Magazine announced they were hiring him to write a weekly column, people laughed. And Jose came …

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