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Anonymous Threatens Vic Toews Again
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The war between Vic Toews and Anonymous over Bill C-30 isn’t over just yet, even if the bill was put on hold for the time being. Anonymous posted a new video today calling attention to a report from CBC News …

Canadian Anti-Privacy Bill Delayed After Public Outcry Canadian Anti-Privacy Bill Delayed After Public Outcry
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We reported a few weeks ago on Bill C-30, a Canadian bill introduced that would essentially allow the state to spy on Internet users. The EFF is reporting that the bill is now on pause after an enormous public outcry …

Anonymous Threatens Vic Toews Over C-30
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Anonymous seems to pick a lot of targets these days that they feel are deserving of their unique brand of Internet vigilantism. Their latest target – Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews. We reported last Tuesday that Toews introduced C-30 …

Canadian Anti-Privacy Bill Is Just Like H.R. 1981
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Canadian Conservatives are trying to push through a new network monitoring bill and anybody who opposes such a blatant attack on privacy are said to be supporters of child pornography. The Globe and Mail reports that Public Safety Minister Vic …