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The Beautiful People On Search
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Noted online pundits Matt Cutts from Google, Robert Scoble from Microsoft, and Jeremy Zawodny from Yahoo took part in the Pundits On Search panel during day two of SES 2006 New York.

Forbes on Vertical Search Engines

Forbes takes a look at the growing trend of vertical search engines. Oodle, Jobster, and LookSmart are among the many featured in the story.

Seagate Ships Vertical Hard Drives…

Scotts Valley, California-based Seagate Technology shipped their latest tiny, high-powered offering in the form of the Momentus. The new drive touts Seagate’s perpendicular recording system. This takes the notebook drive capacity to 160 gigabytes, up from the 120 gigs.

LookSmart Builds Spider Bait

So LookSmart’s creating content now, to ensure itself a higher-quality distribution network for the pay-per-click ads it sells.

LookSmart Expands Vertical Search

LookSmart unveiled 161 new vertical search sites in a variety of categories aimed at delivering consumers relevant search results and advertisers a more qualified customer. The company has added 13 vertical categories to its total 181 sites, which the company says makes it the largest vertical search destination.

KnowledgeStorm Readying Vertical Search Engine

Chris Richardson of WebProNews spoke with Amber Reed, Public Relations Manager for KnowledgeStorm, at SES 2005 about that company’s plans for a tech-focused search engine for the B2B market.

Yahoo Wants User-Specific Vertical Search For Itself

Yahoo has filed several patent applications, including one for user-specific vertical search, but Yahoo may or may not be so lucky as to have that patent granted.

Vertical Search Engines Proliferate

The San Francisco Chronicle takes a look at the recent flurry of new search engines catering to specific vertical markets.

Looking Up Vertical Search Lines

Vertical search refers to search engines designed to return results from very narrow or specific information or business sectors.

Vertical Search Creates Buzz In Silicon Valley

Om Malik writes about the buzz surrounding vertical Search on Sandhill Road. On explaining vertical, he says …

Vertical Search Prediction Challenged

Tom Evslin says that Jupiters prediction that Search will go the same way as TV did … from several major channels to 100’s of specialized ones …

Lycos Launches Vertical Strategy with Discussion and People Search Products
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Lycos U.S. recently launched a Discussion Search product that should be a hit and a People Search product that might charitably be called a sacrifice bunt.

Film Grain

A very cool defect I notice on older movies and films is the film grain effect caused by the aging of the actual film reels. While most would consider that to be a flaw, I take the converse of that view and think it is a really nifty effect. After all, one person’s perception of a flaw is another person’s idea for a Flash MX 2004 tutorial.

Designing for Email

Quite a few of you have written in asking how to send out your own html formatted emails, it can be quite simple depending on the volume you’re sending. If you’re just talking under 100 addresses, Outlook or any other up-to-date email client can handle it. All you would need to do is create your html file, save it and import it into the mail client as stationary (or what ever term your client uses for importing html). Some clients will even allow you to edit the html from the new message window. And if you’re talking mass mailing, there are various programs out there that do the job faster than a standard mail client.