Vertical Search Articles

SES: Don’t Disregard Vertical Search
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Not too long ago, Google talked about having indexed one trillion unique URLs, and competing within that pile is a tall order.  Vertical search engines deserve a special mention, then, and an SES session called "Getting Vertical Search Right" gave them just that.

Vertical Search Any Competition for Google?

Sramana Mitra has a post over at GigaOm that plays on her interest in Web3.0, which she defines on her site as the “verticalization of the web around specific Contexts”.

Vertical Search Market Ripe For Growth

The vertical search market could see significant growth by adding new features, improving content and forming partnerships with existing Web sites according to a new report from JupiterResearch, "Vertical Search: Learning Lessons from Shopping."

Spock Shines Despite Limited Reach

The reviews are rolling in, and they’re largely positive; Spock, it seems, is good.  But the reviews also suggest that this people search engine needs to find a more effective means of gathering information.

SupplyFrame Gets $7 Million In Funding

SupplyFrame doesn’t try to fight with Google, Yahoo, and the rest; instead, it provides “search and interactive quoting tools for electronic components.”  Yet there’s apparently big money in that aspect of the search business – SupplyFrame just received a fresh $7 million in funding.

Google, Yahoo Enhance Real Estate Offerings
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One of the most precious commodities in the world is real estate. Everyone is looking for their own little piece of the world to settle and call their own. Home ownership is a goal shared by so many that it seems appropriate that companies like Google and Yahoo would go to such lengths to cater to real estate searchers.

Google Looks To Improve Health Search
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When searching for health information online, it’s hard to know what sites are trustworthy. Google has a system for marking authoritative results, but by the company’s own admission most users are unaware of how to interpret the indicators. So how can the experience of searching for health-related information be improved?

Microsoft Announces Acquisition of Medstory

Seeking no doubt to improve upon its dismal figures in the search market, Microsoft revealed plans today to acquire Medstory, a company that develops search technology for those operating specifically within the healthcare sector.

Video Game Search Engine Eyes U.S. Launch

In a new round of capital funding, Wazap has received an additional $7.9 million as part of its effort to expand its presence into the United States. Currently, the gaming search engine is only available in the Chinese, Japanese, and German languages, respectively.

Drill Down, Then Out; Vertical’s Where It’s At

It’s always been relevancy that drives the efficacy of search – that’s a no-brainer, and the reason Google is king of general search. But because that search is general, riffraff makes its way into the results, sometimes old riffraff, which is the very foundation for the rise of vertical, or niche, search engines.

Search Genie Offers Three Wishes

Genieknows.com looks to offer users a focused search platform centered on vertical topics such as health, gaming, and business. The project, based out of Nova Scotia, is currently in beta testing.