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Kristen Bell: Did She Celebrate the ‘Veronica Mars’ 10-Year Anniversary

Last spring, Kristen Bell solved one more mystery as Veronica Mars. It’s been 10 years since the character first made her television appearance. So how did the show’s leading lady celebrate this monumental occasion? Marshmallows, you may be disappointed. Veronica Mars‘ pilot episode originally aired on UPN on September 22, 2004. The show followed Bell as a teenage private investigator …

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Veronica Mars Spin-off: Veronica Mars Goes Digital

With all of the success that the show had after the kickstarter campaign that launched the film, a new project has been launched with the Veronica Mars spin-off series. The upcoming Veronica Mars film has even been bringing in new fans, and old fans are all waiting in anticipation for the big release. After the film finally debuted its trailer …

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