Verisign Articles

Verisign Releases Holiday e-commerce Data

VeriSign released e-commerce data showing that the 2004 holiday shopping season yielded a total of $8.8 billion in online shopping purchases, a 24 percent increase as compared to the same period last year.

VeriSign and AOL Demo First “Safe Chat Room”

VeriSign and America Online will demonstrate the first “safe chat room” for kids and teens that uses authentication technology to verify a child’s age.

VeriSign Makes Global Roaming Easier for Wireless Operators and Their Subscribers

VeriSign today announced immediate availability of new services that make global roaming easier for wireless operators and their subscribers.

Should VeriSign Resurrect Controversial Search Service?

VeriSign is reconsidering its “Site Finder” search service, the Washington Post reports.

VeriSign to Digitally ID Children

Today, VeriSign plans to unveil a program that would offer digital identities to children. VeriSign already plays a huge role on the Internet as it is the leading provider of infrastructure services and is responsible for managing the dot-com and dot-net domains. The California-based company has also recently been a source of controversy due to recent criticism of its “Site Finder” search service, which makes money off online users’ typing mistakes.