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Apple Pay Coming to 200K Vending Machines, Parking Stations

Apple and USA Technologies have just entered into a partnership that will make the company’s mobile payment solution, Apple Pay, available in over 200,000 self-service retail locations. What do they mean by “self-service retail locations”? Things like vending machines, laundry pay stations, and parking meters, for instance. “Our customers are excited to accept Apple Pay at the self-serve locations they …

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Drexel University Unveils 24/7 MacBook Vending Machine

In the last few years, college classrooms have seen exponential growth in portable computing. Why takes notes with a pen and paper when you can tote your MacBook to lecture? Bonus reddit time, right? To this old fogey, college classrooms and libraries were sparsely populated with personal laptops. But nowadays, who isn’t toting a computer (or tablet) with them around …

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Meet Biblio-Mat, the Used Book Vending Machine of the Future

If you’re an avid reader looking to discover something new, you can walk up to a used book bin, close your eyes, and extract a random tome. Or, you can put two dollars in an awesome-looking book vending machine and surprise yourself with whatever pops out. “The machine was conceived as an artful alternative to the ubiquitous and often ignored …

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