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A Fairly Ridiculous Amount of People Still Own VCRs

The list of “things that killed the VCR” is pretty lengthy – I mean, just start naming semi-recent technological advancements in the way human beings consume TV and movies and you have your list right there. Digital cable, DVDs, Netflix, DVR – the VCR, though perfectly useful in its time, is simply a relic of the past. Right? Well, not …

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The Xbox One Design Team Dodges The Question Of Why It Looks Like A VCR

Why does the Xbox One look like a VCR? Let the folks at Microsoft tell you: So, what have we learned? Apparently, the Xbox One’s design reflects the power of the machine as well as the history of the Xbox brand. It’s also meant to reflect the rectangular design of the Xbox One UI. It still doesn’t really explain why …

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