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Stolen Van Gogh Painting Stays At Yale

A Vincent Van Gogh painting called the The Night Cafe said to be owned by a family who claims it was stolen from them by the Russian government during the revolution, wants it back. “The family of Pierre Knowaloff claims that their grandfather, Ivan Morozov, purchased the painting in 1908, but when the communist regime took over Russia they nationalized …

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3D Printers Can Now Replicate Famous Works Of Art

Of all the things 3D printers can do, I would never have thought that recreating famous works of art would be one of them. Now researchers in the Netherlands are doing just that. Researchers at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have come up with a novel 3D printing process that allows them to recreate famous works of art. …

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Van Gogh Painting: New Work Discovered In Amsterdam

A “new” Van Gogh painting has been discovered in Amsterdam and will be part of an upcoming show at the Van Gogh Museum there later this month. Experts say they feel confident in attributing the work–titled “Sunset At Montmajour“–to the Dutch artist after studying the style, technique, paint, canvas, depiction, and Van Gogh’s letters. They also say the work’s provenance …

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Interactive Starry Night App Comes To iPad

Last month artist Petros Vrellis gained a bit of notoriety for his interactive animation of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting. The painting could be manipulated by touch, allowing the user to change the flow of the painting’s animation however they wanted. After a few seconds, the painting reverted to normal. Interestingly, the accompanying music also changed based on …

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