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Web 2.0 Snuffs Business 2.0

Readers of the magazine Business 2.0 will not see another issue after October’s has been published; Time Inc has decided to shut down the seven-year old publication.

Blip.tv Says Response Better Than Censorship

Charles Hope of Blip.tv posted an email exchange he had with a site visitor who complained about some controversial videos hosted on the site.

Is Scoble Over Blogging?

One word, unless you’ve followed him beyond some magazine articles about him, synonymous with Robert Scoble is "blogger." One of the originals, Scoble literally wrote the book on the topic. And now, well, he seems to be disillusioned with the whole damn thing.

Accoona Co-Founder Has Colorful History
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Armand Rousso’s past and a deeper look at Accoona’s business has observers wondering if the company will be able to conduct a planned IPO.

Rumor: Facebook Makes $90 Million Per Year
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Sponsorships on networking site Facebook rack up some nice revenue for Mark Zuckerberg and company, but perhaps not quite enough to justify valuing it in the $8 billion range.

Fake Steve Jobs Hunt Takes Creepy Turn

It has elements of mystery, the tenets of paparazzi defense, and the feeling of a prank gone too far. In a blogosphere-wide attempt to unmask blogebrity – well, it may not be an exaggeration to call him/her a cyber cult leader – Fake Steve Jobs, digital espionage has turned a fun cat-and-mouse game into something Fake Steve calls "creepy."

Facebook Heads For IPO, Rumor Says

Sometimes little things add up and point to something big. Something serious and something funny may mean Facebook stands on the cusp of making Mark Zuckerberg and his backers very rich.

FM ‘Spokesbloggers’ Called Out

I’ve said it before: Sell out first. That way they expect it from you. Another blogstorm erupted last weekend over Federated Media’s involvement with Microsoft’s new "conversational marketing" idea.

Facebook Has No Intention Of Selling
Yahoo has hoped for a while to buy popular social networking site Facebook, making several offers, but never offering enough as the price kept going up.

Blogging, Payment, Incentives & Disclosure
Meg has opened up a discussion on the growing trend for bloggers in Australia to receive pitches from companies seeking to form relations with bloggers and use their blogs as a vehicle for product promotion.

New Editor at Valleywag

So Business 2.0 magazine loses another writer/blogger, and Valleywag loses Nick Denton (again). Owen Thomas has jumped from his B2.0 blog duties to the editorship of the "Wag".

Why Have The Yahoos Departed?

We have seen three Yahoo executives announce departure plans in the past month, and we have to wonder why they have opted to log out of the portal company.

Ask.com Billboard Brings Up Unabomber

Lighting yourself on fire and running through the streets will get you noticed, but it may not be the wisest move to make.  Still, Ask.com seems determined to repeatedly torch itself, as, depending on one’s point of view, its billboard advertising campaign moves from bad to worse.

Ask.com Billboard Brings Up Unabomber
“Ask.com Billboard Brings Up Unabomber”
Ask.com Billboard Brings Up Unabomber

Google Ditches Sexist “Did You Mean”

Once upon a time, if you typed “she invents,” Google tried to tell you it was “he invents.”  This applied to a lot of other queries, as well, and a number of people grew unhappy with these apparent examples of sexism.  Now Google’s programmers seem to have gone in and tweaked the engine, and “she” is allowed to invent things.

Google Ditches Sexist
Google Ditches Sexist “Did You Mean”
Google Ditches Sexist

Google/Feedburner Deal Confirmed

No official word from Google yet, but one blogger (and hence, a slew of others piling on) is reporting that the search engine is in the final stage of buying Feedburner.

Rumors: Google, Yahoo, May Be Buying

Takeover rumors are heating up like the weather, as both Yahoo and Google may open their dainty pocketbooks and pick up a couple of companies.

Investors Suckered By Fake Apple News

Engadget ended up with egg on its face after a phony email purportedly from Apple led them to believe the iPhone and OSX Leopard would be delayed.

Facebook vs. Linked In

Valleywag today compares Facebook vs. Linked In. I’ve been thinking about the same thing lately. I have hundreds of emails waiting to be answered (I answered a bunch yesterday, but it just caused MORE email to come back in so now I’m behind again — thankfully I’ll be offline in a plane headed to a BEA event in Atlanta so I’ll have lots of time to answer emails).

MySpace Acquires Photobucket – Now Confirmed

Although the deal has yet to be confirmed by either party, it appears that MySpace did, in fact, acquire Photobucket.  And although the figure $300 million has been mentioned, the terms of the arrangement (assuming such an arrangement exists) remain unknown.

Calacanis Building the Next Google?
Having recently read Jason Calacanis’ blog post about how to correctly place your lips on his butt, if you want him to link to you, I can’t help but think Valleywag’s speculation, that the former blogging mogul is building a search engine, is nothing but that.

Active Blogging Flat At 15.5 Million Blogs

Those who can be bothered to update their blogs at least once every 90 days has hit a broad piece of flat ground, with Technorati’s numbers showing minimal movement between October 2006 and March 2007.

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