Fab Shutting Down? CEO Calls Report ‘Bullsh*t Hate’

Fab Shutting Down? CEO Calls Report ‘Bullsh*t Hate’

By Josh Wolford June 4, 2014

Though e-commerce and “everyday design” website Fab has in fact gone through multiple layoff periods over the last year or so, the company’s CEO is saying that the report of its death was an exaggeration– in so many words. Valleywag’s …

Denton Himself Takes Over Gawker

According to the one-man investigative team known as Brian Stelter — formerly known as the guy behind the blog TVNewser, who beat the pants off most of the media reporters at the major dailies while he was still in school — the new editor of Gawker is none other than the founder of Gawker Media, the secretive and unpredictable Nick Denton himself. Stelter says he has it confirmed through several sources.

Google Tests Displays in Sidebar

It’s always fun whenever someone discovers one of Google’s many experiments with their search interface. 99% of the time, the discovered tests never materialize as a major rollout for Google, but it’s still worth noting.

Clicky Audiences: Valleywag vs FSJ

Valleywag yesterday begged its readers to click on a link to me so that it could beat Fake Steve Jobs for the title of “most clicky audience.”

So, I thought I’d post my referer log to show you who is sending the most hits. FSJ is still 7x more clicky. Too bad Nick Denton! :-)

Blogs Giving Mainstream Media a Run for its Money

Last week I read an interesting article by the Alley Insider that I’ve been dying to share – mainly because it included the following Nielsen chart that revealed an interesting comparison of sites.

The Firing of Microsoft CIO Stuart Scott

Microsoft abruptly fired Chief Information Officer and corporate VP Stuart Scott, and everyone’s been trying to figure out why he was kicked out.

Microsoft CIO Fired

Stuart Scott received very abrupt walking papers from Microsoft, losing his position as corporate vice-president and chief information officer.

CNet Eats Millions On Webshots Sale

CNet’s 2004 purchase of Webshots for $70 million became a bargain pickup for American Greetings, which paid $45 million to take it off CNet’s hands.

Yahoo’s Chief Marketing Officer Moves On

Cammie Dunaway, Yahoo’s Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Experience Division, is leaving the company.  And the fallout isn’t pretty.

Platform Possibilities: Bebo, Not MySpace

More platform rumors are flying this week. After the success of Facebook’s platform, it seems like everyone and their social network is scrambling to get their own version out. We’ve already seen rumors about Google’s and MySpace’s intentions. Today, the MySpace rumors are called into question and Bebo rumors start.

Napster Founder’s Snocap Melts

Shawn Fanning’s post-Napster endeavor has fared poorly, with layoffs and "For Sale" signs the order of the day.

Google Guys Get Another Jet
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There’s probably no truth to the following theories: Google’s starting its own airline; Google has a clandestine arrangement with NASA to set up data centers on the moon; the founders plan to hire their own Tattoo to shout "The plane! The plane!" for their own bored billionaire amusement.

Wikimedia Will Move To San Francisco

At this point, Mountain View, California more or less is Google.  Everyone knows Microsoft’s based in Redmond, and Yahoo’s associated with Sunnyvale.  Now, shaking things up, Wikimedia will move from St. Petersburg, Florida to San Francisco.

Jajah Buttoned Up By eBay

When online phone networking company Jajah enthusiastically announced their Jajah Buttons for eBay earlier this week, they didn’t anticipate eBay’s angry response.

Yahoo And Zimbra, Still An Odd Deal

The $350 million cash price tag Yahoo will pay for email software firm Zimbra makes the mind reel. Especially since Yahoo just got finished with a major update for its Mail product.

Yahoo’s Post-Semel Scorecard

Valleywag believes Yahoo hasn’t done much, a couple of months into the "100 day" plan put forward by new/interim CEO Jerry Yang. Maybe summer isn’t the best time to start the clock on something like that, though.

Google’s Chelsea Land Grab

A few days ago, Google bought (or leased, actually) another 130,000 square feet of office space in New York City.  The new offices are located across from the old ones, creating (at least mentally) the image of another Googleplex.  The connection is also creating a lot of questions.