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Rep. Jim Matheson Wants To Ban Games That Don’t Have An ESRB Rating

Video games are the perfect scapegoat. Old people are scared of them, and young people will defend them with a fervor that’s borderline violent. When the media and politicians need something to blame for national tragedies, video games are often the first thing they turn to. Now one politician is attempting to restrict the sale of violent video games yet …

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Utahns Create 17-Foot-Tall Pile of Leaves, Relive Great Childhood Pastime

If at some point during your childhood you raked up a huge pile of fallen leaves, grabbed your dog, and dedicated a few hours to frolicking merrily – congratulations, you experienced one of the simple pleasures of being a kid. If you never had that pleasure, may I suggest that you’re never too old to finally get around to it. …

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Goat Man is Apparently Just a Hunter with Questionable Fashion Sense

Goat Man quickly gained some Internet fame over the past 48 hours, sending imaginations into overdrive as a result. His rise to international fame began when photographer Coty Creighton spotted the guy during a hike through the Utah mountains. He described his encounter as “creepy”, particularly since they were the only two human beings for miles around. If I saw …

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Goat Man Spotted in Utah Mountains: Twitter Reacts

Goat man — and, by this, I mean a man dressed from head to toe as a goat — was spotted by a hiker who was making his way through the Utah mountains. After stumbling upon a herd of goats, the adventurist decided to take a break and enjoy the scenery for a moment. However, when one of the goats …

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