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Jason Voorhees Illustrates Why Netflix Profiles Are Long Overdue

Netflix, as you may know by now, announced the launch of user profiles today. The feature will be available in all countries where Netflix itself is available over the course of the next few days as it rolls out. Those using Netflix on the web, iOS, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or some smart TVs or Blu-ray players will be able …

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Netflix Profiles Are Not Limited To The U.S.

Netflix announced the launch of its new user profiles this morning. While some may be wondering if the feature is coming to their country, it appears that the answer is yes, regardless of where it is that you live (provided you live in a country where Netflix is already offered). Netflix announced the news across all of its regional blogs, …

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Why Netflix User Profiles Aren’t Yet Available For Android

As previously reported, Netflix has finally announced the launch of user profiles. The feature appears to be launching in every market that Netflix currently operates in, and is rolling out over the next few days for the website, iPad, iPhone, Xbox 360, Apple TV and some smart TVs and Blu-ray players. While no time table was given in the announcement, …

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Netflix User Profiles Officially Launched

After testing the feature for months (at least), Netflix has now officially announced the launch of user profiles. You can now create profiles for up to five people. You can customize profiles with various available icons, or connect it to Facebook, and it will use your Facebook profile photo. Here’s a walkthrough of how it works: With the profiles, each …

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