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It’s Obama’s Turn To Be Summed Up
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Regardless of your political leanings, MoveOn.org makes for a pretty good case study about how to run online campaigns. Following up on the success (relative success, considering Kerry lost) of a 2004 video contest, MoveOn is launching a new one for web-video creators for this election season.

User-Generated Media Increasing

Between 46 percent and 83 percent of the online populations of France, The United States and the United Kingdom use user- generated media at least monthly, according to Gartner.

The Next Wave: User-Modified-Media?

Simplicity. Usefulness. Interactivity. Collaboration. These are words that will define startup success in the future. But at this point it is difficult to crowbar into markets already dominated by phenoms like YouTube and MySpace. But if you can build on those platforms, rather than compete with them, there’s a recipe for success.