Usenet Articles

Usenet Villified In NY Deal With ISPs
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New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office reached agreements with three big broadband providers to pare back access to the newsgroups on Usenet, in the name of fighting child pornography.

Google Answers Crashes Out

Even though few of Google’s services beyond search have caught on with the public like its omnipresent search engine, the company rarely kills off those projects; that made the announcement that Google Answers would be shutdown mildly surprising.

Yahoo Answers Call For Quality Content

Voting has a place on Yahoo Answers, as users of the popular question and answer site will see that become part of the site.

Google Mows Down Snodgrass In Court
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A federal judge in Philadelphia tossed out copyright infringement lawsuit filed against Google, where the plaintiff claimed the search engine’s archive of his Usenet posts constituted republication.

Yahoo Answers The Internet

Yahoo has taken the basic idea behind Usenet – posting a question and getting an answer from another user – and created a new website for users to ask those burning questions, like “How do I become a movie extra?”

GUBA Does Graphical Search For Usenet

With a lot of multimedia content floating around in newsgroups, one company decided the best way to find it would be via a web browser.

Giganews Bucks Trend: Expands Usenet Newsgroup Service in Europe

Giganews Inc., a leading Usenet Newsgroup Service Provider, has expanded its service in the European market by establishing technical operations in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Using the Usually Unused Usenet
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When it comes to promoting an ebusiness, there are many other components of the online world that can also help to effectively bring traffic to one’s site — and some that are often ignored by most marketers. Aside from the Internet, newsgroups are discussion-centered bulletin boards and part of what is called the Usenet, the predecessor of today’s Internet.