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H3tec “Gaining Traction” on Google Deal
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Utah-based H3tec has spent years developing its new technology, which can detect any element or compound up to two miles away. But it looks like this new technology is going to pay off in other dividends as well. After running a full-page ad in USAToday in October, they’re currently “gaining traction” on a deal with Google.

Maven Scores Gannett USAToday.com Video Deal
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Maven Networks will roll out an online TV solution with news publisher Gannett’s USAToday website and 150 other websites.

Social Media Bomb Sent from USAToday

Working diligently through the week, contributing reporter Greg Farrell from USAToday probably never realized that his actions would send an impact around the world. In a hurried rush of editorial confusion, Greg succumbed to the pressure of sending along a message that should have been double-checked.

USA Today Networked A Big Month
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The website for Gannett’s well-known USA Today newspaper shifted to a “network journalism” model in early March, and so far the returns have been very favorable.

USA Today On Blogs

USA Today brings us an exhausting, but funny, article from Kevin Maney on blogging’s over exposure.

Shuttle Launch Date Up In The Air, Risks Remain

With the May 15, 2005 launch date quickly approaching, NASA officials feel there’s only a 50/50 chance of actually making the desired date. However, this has not prevented NASA from rolling Discovery out to the scheduled launch pad, which began at 9:00am PST.

Durable Goods Orders Turn Around

Durable goods orders in the United States increased 0.3% last month, after dropping the previous month.

30-year Mortgages Rise Above 6%

Freddie Mac said that 30-year mortgages went over 6% for the first time in 8 months.

ChoicePoint Almost Done Notifying Identity Theft Victims

Residents in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and three U-S territories have been affected by criminals gaining access to ChoicePoint’s database.

NASA Preparing Deep Impact Launch

With a scheduled launch time for today at 1:47 PM EST, NASA is preparing to send a multimillion-dollar satellite into the heart of a comet.

Firefox Browser Targets Microsoft

Up and coming web browser Firefox is looking to secure allies as it prepares to challenge Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for browser dominance. One of the potential partners being spoken of is search engine Google.