Pew Study: Internet Is Fun, Most Adults Say

Pew Study: Internet Is Fun, Most Adults Say

By Drew Bowling December 3, 2011

Internet junkies, sleep soundly tonight and know that are not alone: a new Pew Internet study shows that 58% of adults in the United States now turn to the Internet as a way to kill some time or simply get …

Mobile Web Usage Indicators
Some interesting posts and discussion on the BBC Internet blog centered around Linux and how open source the BBC is with regard to its sites and its content.

What I found interesting are these stats included in Martin Bellam’s related post:

Teens Not Loyal To One Social Network

If a social network user is dedicated enough to use two social networks concurrently, it might not be all that surprising that those same networkers spend, on average, more time at both sites. Networkers are networkers after all.

Latin American Internet Usage

The average Latin American Internet user spent 29 hours online during the month of June according to comScore’s new report on the behavior of Latin American Internet users.

Men Lead Women In Wireless Usage

Men average 458 minutes of monthly wireless phone usage, while women trail slightly with 453 minutes according to a new survey from AT&T.

Mobile Web Use Climbs In The U.S.
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Bango has released statistics that show that the United States use of the mobile Web has increased three fold in the last year, making it second only to the UK.

Wireless Internet Usage Continues To Increase

The Pew Internet & American Life Project recently conducted a study gauging the increasing prevalence of wireless connectivity among Internet users as a whole.

According to the findings of the report, nearly 34% of Internet users have logged onto the Internet using a wireless connection either around the house, at their workplace, or some place else.

This means that one-third of Internet users, making use of laptops or other mobile devices have surfed the Internet or checked email by means of a WiFi connection or a cell phone network.

Nielsen Tracking Online Usage

Nielsen Media Research is in the early stages of installing Internet tracking software on the home computers of people in its TV ratings households. The goal is to measure traditional TV and online video content. So far they are only measuring a small number of homes.

Google Continues to Push Toolbar Usage

Google’s Toolbar is a commonly utilized browser add-on for both Internet Explorer and Firefox users. With its search box, ad blocking, page rank features, and ability to track user behavior — its no wonder the company continues to aggressively market the tool in its search results

ComScore Measuring Mobile Web Usage

The announcement of the launch of MobileWeb Metrix from comScore and telecom consumer research firm Telephia revealed a few websites, like Gmail, reach more people through mobile handsets than via PCs.

MySpace’s Recent Growth

Advertising Age notes in a recent article that the 35-54 demographic now accounts for no less than 40.6% of MySpace usage, and that the teen 12-17 cohort has been cut by more than half, now accounting for only 11.2% of usage. Uh oh. Does that sound hip and youthful to you?

Where’s the Memory?

I had happened across How To Remotely Monitor Memory Usage and smiled when I saw this :

Africa Trails In Internet Usage

Internet access remains a rare thing in Africa, where high costs and limited availability drive the technology far out of reach for most of the population. In terms of world Internet usage, Africans represent only 2.3 percent of the total, although they make up 14.1 percent of the world’s population.

Yahoo Tops Google In Mail, News, Finance
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Google owns the search market, but for other content types the number two search engine company has first place in those categories.

Russell is SSSSOOOO Right About Mobile Usage

Having a great cell phone with a nice screen changes your life. And your usage habits.

Bandwidth and Network Usage Monitoring Getting Easier for System Administrators

Thanks to companies like Paessler, bandwidth and network usage monitoring is getting easier. System administrators are able to receive live readings and long-term usage trends for their network devices.

Google Adds Usage Rights Search Filter

Google has added a feature to its advanced search function allowing the searcher to filter by copyright provisions that allow reuse, sharing, or modifying, and whether the source can be used commercially.