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WYSIWYG and Wikis

Notes from a technical session at Wikimania on WYSIWYG.

Usability and the Retail Website

The ability to shop without leaving the comfort of your home – what a wonderful time to be alive!

Website Usability Eclipses SE Rumor Mill

I’m guessing that, were Nostradamus to write a book called Predicting for Idiots, one of his first guidelines to a budding prophet would be “keep it vague, young apprentice.”

How Many Users Make a Good Usability Test?
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Every usability practitioner, early or later, run into a simple question: how many users do I need to conduct a good usability test?

Remote Usability Testing

The diffusion of screen sharing software and remote control applications is slowly changing how usability evaluations are conducted because usability experts can now interact with users geographically distant and with different cultural backgrounds.

User Experience – Buzz Word or the Way Forward for Web Development?

User experience might sound like just another bit of marketing candy, but there’s a lot of science hiding behind this feel good phrase.

King Content Takes Queen Interactivity

Content, content, content is the mantra that has been driving Web designers for quite some time. The importance of content hasn’t waned – no, not in the slightest – but the results of a decade-long study released by the Web Marketing Association that the focus on content is a bit myopic. The more evolved Netizen is more difficult to impress.

Website Usability – Is Your Site a Boy Band?

Born out of the imagination of managers and producers and assembled like a dysfunctional puzzle, the boy band is a marketing phenomenon designed with one specific goal in mind.

Opportunities 2006 – Usability

2006 is going to be a year where the creators of web technology have the opportunity to make their services better in terms of integration, usability, and usefulness.

Beyond Web Usability: Web Credibility

Web usability: It’s old news. If you’ve been developing websites on Mars for the past few years then you’ll be forgiven for not knowing about web usability.

Looking to the Next Billion Internet Users

The internet is growing at an annualized rate of 18% and now has one billion users, says web usability guru Jakob Nielsen.

Talk Digger 2.0 Blog URL Metasearch Simply Rocks

The team at our agency has been gushing of late over Talk Digger and I can certainly see why.

Web Usability: Why Do We Overlook the Obvious?

As the holiday season grows closer, and my shopping intensifies, I can’t help but notice how many online retailers don’t seem to be paying attention to the usability of their sites.

Usability Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly

There is a balance that needs to be struck between a website that is truly functional and one that is elegant and stylish.

Guidelines to Improve Usability

How you write and design your links is crucial to your visitors clicking them or not. Write them badly and they leave, write them well and they stay.

Improving Weblog Usability

Website usability guru Jakob Nielsen published his top 10 weblog design mistakes, and the list plus his commentary are interesting reading.

Expanding on Usability

Two weeks ago, I used this space to write about the importance of usability in website design. The article was supposed to act as a lead-in to a short series of articles on the basics of search engine optimization and as a gentle suggestion for webmasters concerned with converting visitors into buyers.

Website Usability Leads to Conversions

Known as the web’s Usability Czar, Jakob Nielsen is one of the Internet’s most respected consultants, authors and commentators.

Search Engine Optimization Part of Web Usability

E-businesses invest lots of money in search engine optimization. This is good news as this implies that they realize the value of search engine optimization.

Breadcrumb (contextual) Links and Search Engine Optimization
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Reader Question: I am confused about breadcrumb links both from a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective and a usability perspective. Usability experts often say not to use them, but a lot of SEO experts recommend using them. So who is right? Should I use them or shouldn’t I?

Hacks Increase Google Satellite Maps Usability
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A little over a month ago, Google introduced satellite technology, which was acquired from Keyhole, onto their Google Maps service.