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Delicious Adds Bulk Editing Feature
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Delicious has introduced a "Bulk Edit" feature, that allows users to easily share, unshare, tag, and untag numerous bookmarks all at once. The feature is simply a way to make the social bookmarking service more usable.

Where Would This Come in Handy?

Hulu Adds HD Embed and Queue Rearrangement Features
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Today was "New Feature Tuesday" again for Hulu as part of the site’s Hulu for the Holidays run, an initiative that sees Hulu adding TV shows on Mondays, new features on Tuesdays, and new movies on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Gmail Makes PDF Viewing Less of a Hassle
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Google has decided to make PDF viewing in Gmail a little more user-friendly. Now when you get sent a PDF attachment with a message, you will see a "view" link, which will simply open the file within your browser rather than make you download the file.

Hulu Continues Holiday Usability Run

It’s new feature Tuesday for "Hulu for the Holidays", the JCPenny-sponsored event that has Hulu adding something new each day through the holiday season. On Mondays they add new TV shows. Tuesdays its new site features, and Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are for new movies.

LinkedIn Looks to the Community for Improvement
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LinkedIn has been making efforts to improve its users’ search experience. Recently, Senior Product Manager Esteban Kozak walked us through a number of new changes they made in this post as well as the following video.

Hulu’s New Video Search and Site Features
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Hulu introduced a couple of new site features today to make it easier for users to find the videos they are after. For the first one you can thank Hulu’s Beijing team according to a post on the Hulu Blog.

Usability Troubles for Yahoo OpenID

On the Yahoo Developer Network Blog, Allen Tom discussed the findings of a study conducted regarding the use of Yahoo!’s OpenID service. While the users who participated were enthusiastic with the concept of OpenID, the results weren’t great.

24 Ways to Get a Customer and Keep a Customer
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Let’s start with the bad news, and there’s kind of a lot of it, before we move on the good news of how to fix it. About three-quarters of online shoppers are unsatisfied with their online shopping experience. The other quarter are, flatly, satisfied, in that even bad pizza is good pizza kind of way.

Sort of anticlimactic, isn’t it? The good news is there’s a lot of opportunity for satisfying customers, even making them very, very happy.

“Skip Intro” Button Appears In Google’s Search Results
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A site’s flash intro may be appealing the first time you see it.  The second, third, and four hundredth times, not so much.  So what appears to be a new "skip intro" button from Google is an interesting gift.

Tighten Your Copy Or Lose Your Visitors
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If you’re spending plenty of money and time on marketing and advertising, be wary of landing pages that veer into undue verbosity.

Bad Content Equals Bad Sales
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What I like about Jakob Nielsen’s posts most is the grumpy-old-man-ness in the underlying tone. It makes me almost think he’s family. But along with the why-doesn’t-anybody-ever-listen-to-me attitude comes some sage-like advice. This time it’s about how bad content trumps other design flaws in terms of what’s bad for business.

But before that, it’s about elevator buttons: 

SES New York: Satisfying Usability And SEO
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Satisfying both human users and search engines’ standards is time-consuming and not exactly simple.  The good news, though, is that these two tasks shouldn’t always tug you in opposite directions.

Web 2.0 Could Be Bad For Business

Usability expert Jakob Nielsen warns against believing all the Web 2.0 hype when designing with the end-user in mind. While some 2.0 features can help, the majority of sites should focus on mastering the 1.0 aspects that users know and love.

The problem, as Nielsen sees it, is that companies follow too much what the hot trends are, and as a result create sites that are unnecessarily complicated or offer little benefit to the average user.

SES Round-up
Jolina and Mike had a great time at the Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago. Not only is it the windy city, but a festive, cold and snowy one too by the sounds of it.

SES Chicago: Usability & SEO
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At the SES session Usability & SEO: Two Wins For The Price of One the speakers focused on building both user friendly sites and search engine friendly sites.

SES Chicago returns, and WebProNews is on hand to bring you reports and videos from the Windy City.  Enjoy our coverage this week.

This Article Is Too Long

To make a long story short, people naturally prefer short, easy-to-digest articles over long, comprehensive articles, but to get the best literary diet, readers often mix the two and so should you.

World Usability Day

Yesterday at Michigan State University, a group of like-minded designers and developers gathered at World Usability Day 2007 to discuss how to make software and web applications better for users.

Web usability as a serious issue that is ignored more often that not, and results in the web being plagued with horribly designed sites and applications. There are too many bad websites and web applications out there, and more are being created every day, because of the lack of focus on usability.

Social Network for Usability Professionals
A new networking community called Catalyze.org has made its debut. In Beta, its niche is the usability industry, specifically business analysts and user experience professionals. Anyone involved in web site design will find something of interest there.

Hey, Shakespeare! Nobody Cares; Web Writing Tips

Writing for the Web is tricky business because there is no audience more diverse. Writers, especially purist writers (I’m pointing at myself both accusatorily and guiltily), are stubborn, especially ones honed in a print world where the appropriate audience finds you or rejects in distant silence, and writers (secretly) want you to bask in their brilliance.

If It Looks Like An Ad They Ignore It
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If you were specifically looking for the population of the United States, you’d notice the big red numbers in the upper right corner of the US Census Bureau homepage right? Not so fast. A recent eye-tracking study suggests you’ve been trained to ignore things like that.

Usability Reviews Verify Good Work

While on a plane heading home from a conference I happened to meet the mother of a Human Factors employee for a well-known global Internet software company. As we chatted, she noted that when I spoke of my work, she could tell I wasn’t the critical type.

She’s a human behavior specialist. In her practice, she helps people who have suffered trauma. There’s a way that you listen. A way you offer support. I realized she was paying me a huge compliment if she noticed something about me and how I conveyed bad news to my clients.

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