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Postage Increase: Stamps Get Pricier
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I don’t think anyone thought they’d live to see the day when stamps were practically fifty cents each. The US Postal Service’s regulator approved price increases up to six percent on most mail. This would bring the cost of the …

Price Of Postage Stamps Going Up In January Price Of Postage Stamps Going Up In January
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Just when we were getting used to the $.46 cent price tag for one postage stamp, things are going to change again. The new postage stamp as of January 26th will cost American’s $.49 cents. Imagine, nearly $.50 cents to …

Postal Service Proposes End to Door-to-Door Delivery

The United States Postal Service has gained media attention recently for the suggestion made earlier this year to do away with Saturday service. The postal service has been suffering over the past few years as snail mail has become more …