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Google, DoubleClick Deal Challenged Again

The Center for Digital Democracy (CDD), US PIRG, and the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), discussed the proposed merger at a National Press Club meeting in Washington. They have filed a supplement to their original complaint about Google’s proposed $3.1 billion buy of ad network DoubleClick.

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Privacy Groups Ping FTC Over Google/DoubleClick

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD), and US Public Interest Research Group (US PRIG), are about as happy about the Google DoubleClick deal as Microsoft was, but for different reasons.

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Groups Want Microsoft Out Of Your Business

Two consumer advocacy groups have filed a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) asking the regulatory agency to investigate alleged abuses resulting from Microsoft’s adCenter services and the private user data the company collects.

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