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Hurt Locker BitTorrent Lawsuit Breaks Record

Just two weeks ago, a lawsuit targeting the Sylvester Stallone action flick The Expendables set the record for largest file-sharing suit ever. It targeted roughly 23,000 BitTorrent users who downloaded the movie between February and March of this year. That record has already been broken. Last year Voltage Pictures, makers of the Academy-award-winning The Hurt Locker, joined up with U.S. …

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Huge BitTorrent Lawsuit Targets 23,000 “Expendables” Downloaders

United States Federal Judges are sending mixed messages when it comes to the legality of forcing ISPs to fork over customer information. Days after one District Court Judge rules against the right to subpoena ISPs, another has granted a motion allowing copyright infringement litigators the power to do just that. C’mon guys, you’ve gotta have a team meeting or something. …

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