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US Airlines Apologizes For Porn Tweet

Anyone who uses the Internet knows how easily a simple typo can cause you to bring up a screen of offensive images that you didn’t plan or desire to see. US Airways recently found out that you can just as easily post an offensive image by clicking the wrong button. The company was trying to flag and delete a pornographic …

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Blind Man and Dog Booted from Flight Causes Outrage

The rare event of a flight cancellation via evacuation of the plane occurred Wednesday, after a blind man and his service dog were ejected from a US Airways jet. Albert Rizzi was instructed that his service dog Doxy had to stay under the seat in front of him. After Doxy allegedly began roaming the aisle a bit, flight attendants ordered …

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US Airways Plane Makes Belly Landing At Newark Airport

A US Airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing at the Newark, New Jersey airport early Saturday morning, around 1 a.m. EST, according to multiple reports. The aircraft would not lower its landing gear during its approach to the airfield, forcing the pilot to circle the airport in an attempt to reverse the problem. When this did not …

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US Airways Expanding Wi-Fi: Demand Up!

Lets be honest, air travel is pretty boring. Sure, if you are a first time flyer it can be exciting, but that quickly wears off and you start shuffling through the junk mail in the seat pockets ahead of you. Well it doesn’t have to be that way. Demand for in-flight wi-fi is on the rise and has doubled since …

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