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Luis Suárez Gives Non-Apology For Biting Incident

Luis Suárez has apologized (sort of) for biting Giorgio Chiellini during last week’s World Cup match-up between Uruguay and Italy. It’s as if the Liverpool FC forward has finally realized that both denying outright what he did and making lame excuses for himself isn’t going to encourage FIFA to go easy on him. Suárez had made no statements to the …

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Luis Suarez Faces FIFA Charge for Biting Chiellini

Luis Suárez faces FIFA sanctions for allegedly biting opponent Giorgio Chiellini in Tuesday’s World Cup game between Italy and Uruguay. Suárez, who is known both as Uruguay’s superstar player and soccer’s bad boy, appeared to have bitten Italian defender Chiellini at around the 80th minute of a tense and critical game. The referee didn’t see the bite and no foul …

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Luis Suarez Just Bit Yet Another Player

Luis, Luis, Luis. Seriously, what the HELL is wrong with you? It’s bad form for a world class footballer to bite someone one time. ONE TIME and it’s a terrible look for his brand, not to mention the source of a likely (and lengthy) ban. Luis Suarez, following a violent nibble on the shoulder of Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini, has bitten …

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Luis Suarez Ends England’s World Cup Dreams

They should have known better. Roughly half of the men on England’s squad play with Luis Suarez in the Barclay Premier League team Liverpool FC. The rest of them have played against him at some point. In fact, it’s fair to say that English players have more experience watching the Uruguayan magician at work than any other national team in …

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Uruguay Legalizes Marijuana Trade

Today is a historic day for the potential global expansion of legalizing marijuana as a trade. While the majority of the United States think that the use of marijuana should be legal, another country is considering legalizing other components of the marijuana trade beyond consumption. Uruguay is poised to become the first country to fully legalize the trade involving growing, …

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Marijuana Legalization Vote Passes in Uruguay

When one thinks about global trendsetters, perhaps one of the last countries to make the list would be Uruguay. However, the small South American country (whose economy centers around farming and is perhaps best known for the fun pronunciation of its name) just voted on a bill that would lead toward a state-controlled marijuana business. Late Wednesday night, government officials …

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