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Confusing Search Engine Bots?

There are two primary factors to getting a page ranked – discovery and relevancy. By and large, search engines are clever creatures, but the very best webmasters will always send out the right signals to gently guide the search engines, and in return receive great rankings for their content.

Search engines discover content using their bots (or ‘crawlers’), and determine relevancy (and by extension ranking) using advanced algorithms.

Map Those URL Redirects To Profit

There are right ways to do URL redirection that will make a big difference in one’s site performance, as shown in a recent case study about a plumbing website that made their URLs more readable.

Google Talk Gadget Comes to Town

There’s a new (and official) personalized homepage gadget in town: Google Talk. It’s quite nice, and after a quick trial I have to say I prefer this to both desktop Google Talk, as well as Gmail’s Google Chat alternative.

Fixing Duplicate Content Issues

Not all webmasters are aware that search engines view each URL as a different page, even it has the same content or is different from the other URL by ending with a slash or if it preceeded by a www or not. To serve only one version of the page to get the deserved traffic, you’ll need to remember a couple of things about fixing URL issues.

Digg And SEO Don’t Play Nice

You may have heard that recently many seo and marketing related sites are getting banned by Digg for the scandalous offense of being seo and marketing related sites.

Digg and Social Marketing Strategy
· 1

There has been a lot of chatter on various blogs and forums lately about Digg banning domains (a lifetime ban it seems). Some sites have received this response from Digg:

Digg Experts
· 3

While keeping informed and up to date about what is being written about Digg over the past several months I have come across a lot of information that really isn’t that insightful or in some cases is even just plain wrong.

Retrieve Subdomain from a URL in C#
· 6

I had to come up with a method that retrieved the subdomain from the current web request on an ASP.NET website.

Validating a URL with Regular Expressions
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I had to build web form that took user input from standard ASP.NET input controls. In one of the text boxes the user must enter a valid URL, so I had to make some validation logic.

Readers per URL among blogging services

Microsoft Live Spaces has something like 75 million spaces, and about 125 million unique visitors a month (at least those were the last numbers I saw shared).

Channel Your Way To AdSense Profits

Placing AdSense blocks on your site is just the first step to using them effectively; get the best information about their performance by using channels.

ASP.NET Developers and SEO
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If you’re developing for the Web then you should familiarize yourself with some Search Engine Optimization or SEO concepts.

Skype Patches URL Handling Flaw

A vulnerability in Skype’s VoIP software could have permitted file transfers from one Skype user to another without requiring consent from the recipient.

Microsoft Typo-Patrol May Prey On Google

Sites that pickup traffic from misspelled versions of well-known domain names frequently contain advertising served by Google AdSense and other products; Microsoft’s latest feature in the Strider URL Tracer may make hunting them down an easier prospect for trademark holders.

Del.icio.us Vamps URL Check

Delicious has quietly rolled out a redesign to their URL pages that offers some pretty rich information such as the URL’s bookmarking history, user notes, common tags and more.

Yahoo News Tests Trackbacks, Enhancements

Yahoo News is gearing up to implement trackbacks.

Dynamic URL Optimization

Recently I fielded a question about making dynamic urls more search engine friendly.

Talk Digger 2.0 Blog URL Metasearch Simply Rocks

The team at our agency has been gushing of late over Talk Digger and I can certainly see why.

Towards Next Generation URLs

For many years we have heard about the impending death of URLs that are difficult to type, remember and preserve.

URL Hijacker Trades Black Hat For Cuffs

The conman behind the “hijacking” of sex engine Sex.com was arrested at his Tijuana home by Mexican authorities and handed over to immigration authorities in San Diego. How do you hijack a website? When nobody’s looking, forge a letter.

How to avoid losing money to affiliate URL thieves!
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If you are promoting your affiliate URL on the web then you are in danger of losing sales to affiliate URL thieves.

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