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Urchin Founder Reflects On The Impact Of Urchin And Google Analytics

Google acquired Urchin all the way back in 2005. It seems like an eternity ago. “In 2005 we acquired Urchin, whose online web analytics product became the foundation for Google Analytics, helping businesses of all sizes measure their websites and online marketing,” Google said in its big product shut-down announcement. “We’re fully committed to building an industry-leading online analytics product, …

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Google Ends Picnik, Urchin, Needlebase, Social Graph API, Google Message Continuity

“Take heed! The ants have invaded.” Picnik users will be familiar with all of those cute little picnic-related messages that appear while Picnik carries out various functions. Well, that’s the message that appears now, as Google prepares to shut down the service. Picnik will be closing April 19, 2012. In fact, Picnik is only one of a handful of Google …

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