Upgrade Articles

Google AdSense Gets An Upgrade

The successful advertising program developed by the search engine company now allows more ad customization for premium advertisers.

Xserve Gets G5 Upgrade From Apple

Apple has released an upgraded version of their Xserve server platform, complete with dual 64-bit G5 processors with speeds of up to 2.3GHz.

Waiting Too Long to Upgrade

had related at Another Raid Failure that an initial attempt to rebuild the raid had failed, and left the story with fresh drives on order and winging their way toward us. The drives did arrive, but unfortunately the rebuild still failed. A Knowledge Base article suggested that there might be unreported problems on other elements of the array, with the suggested solution of blowing it all away and recreating from scratch. As we still had some suspicions about backups at that point, I didn’t want to do that until we had unquestioned good recovery capability.

Linux Data Protection Gets an Upgrade

A major new upgrade to Arkeia Network Backup solution reaffirms its leadership position in the Linux data protection marketplace.

Windows SP2 Upgrade to Cause Problems According to IT Managers

SupportSoft today announced the results of a national survey conducted among IT management in which 66% believed that they will incur more end-user calls for support when deploying SP2, Microsoft’s most recent major upgrade to Windows XP with significant new security features.

Great Plains Dynamics/eEnterprise Upgrade Things to Consider and FAQ

If you have Great Plains Dynamics/eEnterprise (version 6.0 or earlier) and support it for your company then you need to know some technical details about Great Plains version upgrade and what is going on behind the scenes, which options do you have in case of Dexterity, VBA, SQL customization, additional complexity comes with migration from ctree/Pervasive to MS SQL/MSDE.

Microsoft Great Plains Upgrade things to consider and FAQ

If you have Microsoft Great Plains and support it for your company then you need to know some technical details about Great Plains version upgrade and what is going on behind the scenes, which options do you have in case of Dexterity, VBA, SQL customization, additional complexity comes with migration from ctree/Pervasive to MS SQL/MSDE.

Google Expansion To Include $250M Tech Upgrade

When filing for its IPO, search engine Google was required to disclose its financial information, by order of the SEC. This information contained Google’s revenue history and its profit margin from the revenue they took in. The disclosure also revealed what Google intends to do with a portion of its profits.

Recovering System After Upgrade

Usually upgrades are binary: either they work or they don’t. Actually, my experience with SME upgrades has been very good: I’ve only had a very few where the upgrade process didn’t work at all. In those cases, you install new, apply all applicable blades, and then restore from backup. That’s annoying, but fairly simple.

The Wrong Way to Upgrade Your RPMs

Most Linux distributions use the RPM[1] format for their software packages. RPMs are managed by the rpm program, which typically lives at /usr/bin/rpm.[2]

Mac OS X Panther upgrade

A lot of folks have grumbled about paying $130.00 to upgrade to Panther, the latest version of Mac OS X (October 2003). I have to say that it is definitely worth it: maybe you feel cheated because you just paid for Jaguar six months ago, but you will be happy after you install this. The hype, for once, has reality behind it: this is as good as Apple said it would be.

SQL Server Upgrade Recommendations and Best Practices

As the DBA in your organization, you are central to the success of the SQL Server environment. In the case of a system upgrade, you need to act as a driver’ for an upgrade project to ensure success based on your technical expertise and role in the organization. Over this multi-part series, these articles will outline proven and recommended best practices for the upgrade process. This process is detailed from both technical and logistical perspectives which are both critical to the success of the project.

SQL Server Upgrade Recommendations and Best Practices – Part 2

The first article of the series, Part 1 – Upgrade Overview and Project Planning, detailed the business justification for upgrades to SQL Server 2000 related to TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), automation capabilities and new features from both the Business and DBA perspectives. The next portion of the article outlined a detailed process to break down the SQL Server 2000 project as well as the applicable Upgrade project phases using high level steps. Both sets of information were in simple terms for DBAs new to the Upgrade process, well experienced DBAs needing a refresher or for technical managers interested in the level of effort and overall planning for a SQL Server 2000 Upgrade.

Scanner Won’t Scan After Upgrade

Hi Carey:

My OS is Win 98 SE and had a perfectly running HP scanner 3530c untill I updated to IE6 from 5.5. Every time I try to scan something now an IE box opens (not the browser itself) and tells me I have an error on the script of this page and do I want to continue running it. No mater what I choose to do it scews up file://C:Program FilesHewlett-PackardDigital Imagingbbfedirectordirector.htm /line 261 char 4, which then adds more lines and characters as I try to get it to dissapear.

How to Upgrade a SQL Server 7.0 Cluster to a SQL Server 2000 Cluster

Every time I have to perform some major work on my production SQL Server clusters, I spend a lot of time researching and planning the task at hand. And when it comes to something as big as an upgrade from a SQL Server 7.0 Cluster to a SQL Server 2000 cluster, I even spend more time than usual. I can’t afford for mistakes on a server that needs to be up 24/7.

Developer aims to ease upgrade process

Australian developer ConverterTechnology has launched a file conversion service for companies seeking to upgrade their Microsoft business applications.

Beta of Oracle Database Upgrade Is In The Wings

Oracle Corp. aficionados gathering next week at the IOUG Live! 2003 conference in Orlando, Fla., are expected to discuss the impending beta release-and perhaps even the beta code itself-of the company’s next big database upgrade.

Getting frugal: Red Hat Network’s low-cost upgrade to Red Hat 9

It took longer than expected, but Joe Barr is pleased with RHN’s budget-friendly upgrade.

MCSAs, MCSEs Likely To Take Upgrade Path

MCSEs and certification candidates favor the new upgrade exams and most will take them, according to two recent MCPmag.com Web Polls.

The Single Least Expensive Yet Most Valuable Way to Upgrade Your Computer’s Performance

Is your computer not what it used to be? I bet when you bought it, it was top of the line, wasn’t it? Well, I can almost guarantee it’s not anymore! At the current rate of development, it probably lacked the most modern advances by the time you got it out of box.

10 Rarely Used Ways To Upgrade Your Ad!

1. Tell your potential customers special events your business has sponsored. It could be charities, fund raisers, charity auctions, etc.