Upgrade Articles

‘Tis The Season For A Yahoo Shopping Upgrade

Yahoo Shopping has a new look, and as the company admits, it’s “just in time for the holidays.” The redesign’s timeliness doesn’t necessarily mean it’s exploitative, though, and Yahoo boasts that the site offers “a delightful and convenient shopping experience.”

Microsoft Offers Holiday Gifts

The company’s delayed release of the Vista operating system and the Office 2007 productivity suite likely lost OEM PC makers some considerable holiday sales, so Microsoft is trying to salvage the season for them by offering discounted upgrades for their two forthcoming products.

Yahoo’s Upgraded Sponsored Search Invitations

I guess it’s the night for emails from the search engines.

Firefox 2.0 RC2. An Upgrade?

Last week, Mozilla officially made the second release candidate (RC2) of its popular Firefox browser available for public consumption. As reviews pour in, an interesting debate is brewing amongst developers. Is Firefox 2.0 truly an upgrade from the current incarnation?

What’s The Better Value: Vista or Mac OS?

There’s a lot of confusion going around. Chris Pirillo acts like Windows Vista Ultimate, at $400, will be what most users pay, and that Mac OS is much cheaper.

Microsoft Details Vista Upgrade Paths

While there has been some worrying, the news is in: If you have any version of Windows XP or Windows 2000, you will be able to get a cheaper upgrade version of Windows Vista.

Firefox To Upgrade XML/RSS Readers

Mozilla’s next incarnation of Firefox, version 2.0, currently in beta, is tentatively due for release on September 26. With that release, expect some nice upgrades to the browser’s RSS and XML reader capabilities, among other functions, that will keep it on par with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7.

Yahoo Finance Bets On An Upgrade

Video content, revamped message boards, and the formal debut of badges that can be used to display Yahoo Finance content on blogs and websites should help the site maintain its dominance in online financial news and information.

Gmail Gets New Features

If you’ve been annoyed by the inability to delete all of the spam in your Gmail account with one fell click, you can rest easy now-that feature should soon be available. Google’s mail service should also allow users to apply their filters to old e-mails, and not just incoming ones.

Microsoft Says Vista Is On Schedule For Release

After delaying the release several times, Microsoft now assures the world that Vista will meet its slated launch date of January 2007. Vista represents the first major overhaul in five years for the venerable Windows operating system. Windows is used on about 90 percent of the world’s computers, and its sales account for about one-third of Microsoft’s total revenue.

Vista System Requirements, Upgrade Advisor

Microsoft has announced the base minimum system requirements to run Windows Vista.

Windows Anytime Upgrade

Windows Vista Buzz posts on Windows Anytime Upgrade, a program that will allow users who have purchased one version of Vista upgrade anytime to a more expensive and feature-filled version.

The Firefox Upgrade and Plugins Dance
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Mozilla released an update to the Firefox browser earlier this month which, the release notes say, provides improved stability, improved support for Mac OS X, fixes for several memory leaks and several security enhancements among other things.

Two Operating Systems For Every Boy

In theory, there are good reasons behind this, but financially its just plain stupid.

Microsoft Patent Woes Forcing Office Upgrade

Corporate users of Microsoft’s productivity suites Office XP and Office 2003 will have to upgrade their software, in the wake of Microsoft’s court loss in a patent suit.

Sony PSP Upgrade Can Be Downgraded

Those enterprising hackers who found their hacks unusable in newer PSPs due to a firmware update can fix that issue now.

Yahoo! Upgrade Causes Downtime

Media Post reports that an attempt to upgrade Yahoo! Search Marketing this weekend inadvertently caused some glitches in the system, making it especially difficult for some advertisers and search marketing firms to manage their sponsored search campaign.

PSP Upgrade Includes New Web Browser, Enhanced Security

The new Firmware 2.0 upgrade for Sony’s PSP system has some interesting new features such as a new integrated web browser, and increased Wi-Fi security.

Library Of Congress Readies Thomas Upgrade

After ten years of work, the LOC will have a prototype ready to replace the legislative search engine.

AOL AIM Upgrade Flawless?
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American Online (AOL) rolled a package deal on Thursday with the update to AIM 5.9, AIM.com and a new companion screen AIM Today. This launch was worldwide and it launched flawlessly or did it?

Another Firefox Upgrade Enroute

Version 1.0.5 will be replaced by 1.0.6 soon, as the latest release seems to break third-party extensions.