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MSN Search Initiates Update

This past weekend, MSN Search underwent an update of sorts, and after taking a glance around at the forum chatter, it seems some aren’t too excited about the direction of MSN Search following the results of their latest update.

Mozilla Updates Firefox Browser

An issue with third-party extensions has led to a minor update of Firefox and the Thunderbird email client.

Yahoo Rolls Out Unannounced SERP Update

Every so often, a search engine has to refresh the contents of their index by performing any number of result-related updates. It’s usually pretty easy to find when search updates are going on, especially when it affects the big 3. All you have to do is monitor any of the popular SEO/SEM forums.

Another PageRank Update Is Underway

It actually started last night, but yes, Google is in the process of updating PageRank to the usual fanfare. As mentioned before, when Google does an update like PageRank or backlinks, people flock to the forums to discuss the results.

Apple Tiger Gets An Update

After seeing huge growth in its third quarter numbers, Apple has provided an update to its OS X operating system to 10.4.2.

New Bugs Swatted In Firefox Update

Firefox 1.0.5 became available yesterday, providing several security updates to the browser.

MSN Search Update in Progress?

I’ve noticed quite a few people in Search Engine forums over the past day commenting on changes that they are experiencing in MSN Search results for their sites. It looks like they have an update of some sort in progress.

Ed Bott Tears Boing Boing A New One Over MSFT/Claria Story

Ed Bott does an excellent job calling out Boing Boing on their half-assed attempt at issuing a correction to their rumors-cited-as-facts post about Microsoft and Claria last week.

Yahoo Free E-mail Gets An Update
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The portal and search engine provider has enabled the most dramatic update to the e-mail service since 1997.

Introducing Google Earth
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Late last night/early this morning, Google launched the highly anticipated full version of Google Earth, the search engine’s stand-alone global map utility. The following is a detailed, blow-by-blow description of the launch provided by Nathan Weinberg.

Real Provides Critical Update For Mac, Windows, Linux

The RealPlayer utility has several vulnerabilities patched with the latest security releases from RealNetworks.

Microsoft Server 2003 Tool Blocks Update

Similar to an offering for Windows XP, a new tool will better allow administrators time to plan upgrades.

Stalker News Update: GPS Panties Aint Real?

Okay I admit it. Like a bunch of other media figures who didn’t do enough homework on a story, I bought it hook, line, and sinker. On May 27, 2005, I posted a story about Forget-Me-Not GPS-enabled panties, only to find out later that I was utterly hornswaggled.

Microsoft Admins Celebrate Patch Tuesday

The now-familiar second Tuesday of the month arrival of Microsoft security bulletins brought ten new arrivals to enterprises and individuals.

Microsoft Ten-ders New Security Update

Microsoft has 10 new security bulletins lined up for release next week. The June 14th release promises a number of other updates. The will air a webcast on Wednesday to discuss the details of the updates.

Cosmetic Changes at Google Precede Larger Overhaul

Google is undergoing some of the most sweeping changes in its short, seven year history.

Tasting Bourbon Major Back-link and Index Update Underway

They say that today is the first day of the rest of your life. That makes everyday an important one though as we all know, some days are much more important than others. Today is one of those days.

Microsoft Finally Releases Microsoft Update

Microsoft today at TechEd finally took the wraps off Microsoft Update, the new one-stop-shop for updates to everything Microsoft makes. The new system works with Windows’ existing automatic update system, so its all good.

Last Round Of The Google Bourbon Update Finishing Up
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As indicated in earlier reports, Google is in the midst of updating their search index. This particular update is being referred to as “Bourbon”. Perhaps it’s named this because of the amount of potential stress that index updates can cause.

Google Begins Website Update Reporting Service

Google today unveiled Sitemaps, a program where you can notify Google of any updates to your website so that it crawls your site immediately. Essentially, its like RSS for entire websites, with webmasters creating an XML file that indicates recently changed or new pages that Google subscribes to.

Yahoo and Google continue to update SERPs

Google’s most recent update is taking longer than usual to complete. As reported here two weeks ago, Google is updating its algorithm and this update is causing volatility in the search engine results under various keywords and keyword phrases.