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Yahoo and Google Algo Update Information

Yahoo announced yesterday that a minor update to its ranking algorithm was implemented over the weekend.

Has the Second Leg of Jagger Helped Matters?

With the drama and havoc caused by the first Jagger update, practically everyone who keeps tabs on their Google performance has been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well, according to famed Google engineer (and fellow Kentuckian) Matt Cutts, this proverbial shoe is indeed dropping as I type.

Is It Time To Update Your Resume?
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The motto “Be prepared,” isn’t just great advice for Boy Scouts; it’s also great career advice. You never know when the perfect career opportunity will present itself. If a recruiter called you today with your dream job, would you be prepared to send out an up-to-date resume right away?

Colleges Face $7 Billion Security Update

To comply with federal wiretap requirements, universities in the US will have to upgrade a lot of expensive hardware and are complaining about the cost.

Skype Update Actually A Trojan

A fake update to the Skype VoIP client has been circulating via email, and installs an IRC bot on victims’ computers.

Microsoft/Google Suit Update

Earlier today, U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Whyte issued a stay on the Google suit against Microsoft over the hiring of former Microsoft executive Dr. Kai Fu Lee. Whyte put the tentative decision on the web last night and met with Google and Microsoft today in court.

Update: Yahoo Pedophile Chat Room Closing

In an announcement earlier today, the Nebraska and New York State Attorney’s General issued a statement regarding their collaboration with Yahoo in the removal of user-created chat rooms promoting pedophilia.

Apple Plugging Security Holes

The latest security update for the Mac operating system patches ten critical holes, ranging from potential privilege elevation to arbitrary code execution.

Is Your Marketing Plan Ready for an Update?

With summer vacations over and schools back in session, marketing plan “season” is fast approaching. This is a time when you reflect on the effectiveness of your business marketing programs.

What Is A Google Update?

Here’s a little tip for you guys wanting to stir-up the search engine crowd: just announce on some random search-related forum that Google is conducting another update and watch the audience react much like someone yelling “Fire” in a crowded theatre.

Microsoft Has Critical Update On Tap

Patch Tuesday will feature a Windows security update rated Critical, available for download on September 13.

Google Backlink (and Page Rank) Update in Progress
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I had a hunch that Google would do an update this weekend and this morning I have logged on to find that an backlink update is under way.

Google Petition Update

Recently, educators by the hundreds have been signing a petition requesting the search engine moguls at Google change some of the advertising policy. It seems a number of Google’s advertisers market prewritten essays, term papers and the like and these ads make it onto educational websites.

GoogleTalk Update
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Google’s barebones IM service has received a minor release update, taking it from to

Squash A Firefox Bug, Get A Firefox Shirt

Mozilla wants software testers to pound on Software Update until it cries, and will reward those who find undiscovered show-stoppers.

Google Releases Desktop 2
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Google has released a new version of its desktop search product, now called Google Desktop 2, and now back in beta. The big difference in this new version is a sidebar which goes on the side of your desktop and gives you access to your Gmail, news, weather, photos (not from Picasa, but folders and RSS feeds), stock quotes, RSS headlines (or Web Clips), a Scratch Pad (for quick note-taking) and a Quick View list for web pages and files you use often.

Apple Re-releases Security Update

A security update released for Mac OS X earlier in the week broke the functionality of 64-bit applications.

Apple Update Breaks 64-Bit Applications

A recent security update to the Mac OS X platform has inexplicably rendered 64-bit apps unusable.

Delta, AirTran Update Websites

Two domestic airlines subjected their websites to extreme makeovers and feature expanded travel planning options.

Anti-piracy Measures Now Include Windows Update

This validation process is in place right now as I discovered when I visited the Windows Update site today to install an optional update.

SANS Update Quarterly Threat List

Fix these vulnerabilities or face the risk of your machine being taken over remotely by unauthorized hackers.