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Favorite Feed Vote and Update

I received an email the other day from a site called Search Engine Feeds claiming to be running a Favorite Search Engine Feeds vote for the next month or so.

Google Update – Changes Done, Changes Coming

Matt Cutts, Google’s chief search engineer, provided a long Q and A session on his blog Tuesday.

Google Updates AdWords Keyword Tool

A recent update to the Keyword Tool in AdWords allows advertisers to view additional information about keywords the client may wish to select for a campaign.

Now Google Says The FCC Doesn’t Suck

Andrew McLaughlin, senior policy counsel with everyone’s favorite search advertising company, claims he was horribly misquoted by a Light Reading reporter who gave lots of writers a great headline.

What my coworkers have been doing

While I go traveling around the world collecting credit and accolades my coworkers stay back in the cold, dark, confines of their Redmond offices coding like mad.

Origami Project Update

The Origami Project website has now been updated. Check out origamiproject.com/2/.

Microsoft Working on VB 9.0 XML Update

Microsoft’s XML Blog reported some of the current issues they’re facing as they develop their VB 9.0 language for programming XML. Program manager Avner Aharoni brought out some of the more intriguing issues his team faces.

Salesnet CRM Releases 25th Anniv. Update

On-demand CRM software provider, Salesnet, added 250 new features for the 25th Anniversary Edition of its enterprise on-demand CRM product. Salesnet has added broader marketing automation that includes new campaign management capabilities and HTML emails.

AOL Prepping Video Search Update

DVD quality videos and the integration of visual crawling technology from AOL’s recent purchase of the Truveo video search engine will be unveiled in AOL’s video search this week.

Yahoo Tinkers With Music Engine

An upgraded version of the Yahoo Music Engine boosts the functionality of the product so users can more easily create playlists and share them with others.

Sifry: Fifty Thousand Blog Posts Per Hour

No, that’s not Technorati founder David Sifry’s posting regimen, but a figure based on Technorati tracking about 1.2 million blog posts per day.

Take a Few Cutts from Googles Matt

Matt Cutts was recently interviewed on WebmasterRadio.fm’s SEO Rockstars show with Oilman and Webguerrilla.

Google Reader Updated

The Google Reader team have issued an update. The main new feature is a drop-down that gives you quick access to all of your labels, but the keyboard access to the same feature is a cooler: a dark gray overlay that appears when you hit g, then l.

UPDATE: CBS, Survivor Won’t Vote Off Google Video

New episodes of the reality show “Survivor” will be sold through the CBS.com website as well as Google Video and Comcast.

New Google Toolbar – Version 4

Google is about to release a new version of its toolbar.

Gotta Update Blogspot

Some people might find this interesting: According to Alexa, the contact person for all Blogger blogs is Pyra Labs Evan William.

Microsoft Releases WMF update

Ladies and gentlemen, update your computers! Microsoft announced that it would release a security update to help protect customers from exploitations of a vulnerability in the Windows Meta File (WMF) area of code in the Windows operating system on Tuesday, January 2, 2006, in response to malicious and criminal attacks on computer users that were discovered last week.

Sponsored Links Update

Well, the last month has been entertaining and educational.

It’s…Another Yahoo Index Update

The Sixth Weather Report from Yahoo Search should be completed sometime today, and site publishers will want to look and see where they may be placed.

Has Yahoo! Cooled Its Temper?

Some activity in the Webmaster World forum is suggesting website operators can get out of Yahoo!’s penalty box for good behavior a bit faster and easier than they used to. Though the length of the penalty is unclear, Yahoo! may forgive and forget in less than a week.

Google’s Jagger Update – Dust Begins to Settle?
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What happened? Webmaster’s, site owners, online businesses and SEO companies everywhere have been desperately trying to decipher the fallout from the longest and most grueling algorithm update in the history of the Internet.