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Bad Plan and a Bad CMS Implementation

One of the biggest mistakes really large publishers make today is doing SEO like it’s 1999. They throw up hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of pages, with the belief that more is better. This has grown exponentially with web 2.0 and blogging apps and cross-tagging, listing and publishing content in multiple spots. Here’s an example that’s pretty typical of a problem I see with alarming frequency.

Google Spam Reporting Update

A post on Google Webmaster Central blog increases users awareness regarding webmaster practices that do or do not conform to Google’s standards. This post was translated from their recently launched German blog.

Patel’s Calacanis Challenge Update

On Monday I blogged about the Jason Calacanis challenge and how he received a 21% increase in traffic with only 10% of the changes being made so far. Many people have been wondering what the 10% of the changes were and some have even blogged that it could have been a fluke.

Just to give everyone a better understanding of how I calculated the 21% increase, I first took the 6 days before SEO was done and compared it to 6 other days roughly 20 days after SEO was implemented. The data before SEO was done was a bit biased because on one of the days his traffic doubled because he wrote on the Oscars and the following day his traffic returned to normal. On that Monday, if he had normal traffic and did not blog on the Oscars his search traffic due to SEO would have increased by over 40%.

Clicky vs Performancing Metrics vs MyBlogLog

Having previously discussed Performancing Metrics as being a little bit of a "Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing", I decided to sign up directly with Clicky. I also removed any Performancing affiliate links from the article.

Will Calacanis Evangelize SEO?

Neil Patel has provided an update on his challenge to show Jason Calacanis that SEO is not “snake oil” and can in fact help a site increase its search engine traffic.

Page Load Times Update

In my original post I mentioned that in order to help reduce my blog’s load time I often use Web Page Analyzer and Octagate SiteTimer.

Since that post I have received a couple more suggestions for tools to use in order to help reduce Web Page Load Times.

Google Quality Score Update Live

The Inside Adwords Crew have announced that the proposed quality score update has been rolled out today, expecting to last up to 3 or 4 days until complete. The article confirms –

Google Index Update?

On Wednesday the SE Round Table Blog noticed a thread on WebMasterWorld regarding a potential Google Update. Matt Cutts did comment saying he was sure that an update was not happening.

I’ve noticed my blog hit with a few changes in Google over this last week. I say hit because the changes were not positive. Here are my symptoms:

Google Finally Provides Decent Backlink Data

Ever since Google stopped showing accurate backlink (aka incoming link) counts to websites webmasters and SEOs have been forced to turn to other, more accurate tools like Yahoo.

This hasn’t really been all that bad in my opinion but it is refreshing to hear that Google has finally launched a new backlinks analysis tool within Google Webmaster Central.

Cutts Confirms Page Rank Update

Matt Cutts has confirmed that there is a Google Page Rank update underway.

Update on 1000 CES Shots

Well I’m beginning to seriously think I will not make my goal of a 1,000 photos of CES while here.

Update – Super Proposal

About a month ago, I did a post about a fellow who is working to raise money and media attention in order to secure a sponsor for a marriage proposal during the Super Bowl, “One Super Proposal“.

Microsofties Hit By Horrible Weather

Seattle was hit bad by violent winds and power outages over the weekend, and Microsoft’s employees blogged their experiences (in many cases only after days of waiting for the power to return). Todd Bishop has a rundown.

Google Finance Update

It’s been six months since Google launched their Finance offering and Google announced today that several new features have been added including:

Update: Apple iPhone Details

New details emerge regarding the specifics of the Apple iPhone; Palm CEO says it is no threat.

Update At Google

According to Seroundtable.com and WebMasterWorld Forum there seems to be a small update going on over at Google known as a data refresh.

MSN Live Banning Reciprocal Link Exchange Spam

The headline above may be a bit premature as the claimed email received from MSN search team by a SearchEngineWatch forums member has not been acknowledged as coming from Microsoft. A quote:

Virtual Billboards With Microsoft’s Virtual Earth

As with any self-respecting blogger, I hate to say anything positive about Microsoft because they are synonymous with evil (just kidding!), but I must admit that the latest update to Virtual Earth – or whatever we’re supposed to be calling it nowadays, which is probably Windows Live Web Search Satellite Virtual 3-D Planet – is pretty damn cool.

Social Media Summary

Social Media seems to be a trend these days. Netscape just announced that they removed the whole sex channel from their website. That makes me feel a lot better actually and it’s at least a step towards a more cleaner frontpage.

Zinc – Win, Mac, Device Flash Projector Wrapper/Enhancer

Once popularly known as Flash Studio Pro, Zinc in its current 2.x version have advanced way ahead in Flash Projector addition/enhancement/replacement capabilities.

IE 7 Final Release

IE 7 final will be released very soon, but already now you can download it.