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Twitter Co-Founder Apologizes For Hasty Update

 So Twitter caused a bit of controversy this week as they changed their @replies feature in a way that actually effected just 3% of their users 

Yahoo Continues Search Update
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As the index receives another round of tweaks at Yahoo, the search gurus there managed to fix an annoying Site Explorer issue.

BBC.com Gets A Makeover


Today the BBC unveiled a new look to the BBC News website.

It’s a refreshing update. I visit very few websites these days and BBC News is one of them (it’s actually the home page in my browser).

New Google Update?

Apparently, Google is showing signs of mixed and changing results at present. It struck us when our clients reported seeing different rankings for their websites at their ends, compared to our observations of their ranks from our location in Chicago. One of them reports seeing his website on the first page while we were stunned to find it on the second page at the same time. When we confirmed this with other clients in other locations, it showed the same behavior. It seems that an update is already taking place.

Google Earth Update Hits Odds And Ends

Updates to Google Earth are always fascinating, but sometimes, that’s all they are; there aren’t any obvious practical benefits.  The latest update should be pretty useful, though, as Google has added roads and business listings in a number of countries, and also updated its Transit symbols.

Adobe Announces Flash Player 9 Update

Adobe today announced the immediate availability of Flash Player 9 Update 3(version number, previously code named Moviestar.

IBM, Yahoo Update Free Enterprise Search

The IBM Omnifind Yahoo Edition enterprise search product received some tweaks and improvements to its functionality.

Reports Indicate Another Google PR Update
Google Earth Gets Real-Weather Update

The weather can cause a lot of headaches, and due to its questionable reliability, a new weather-related update to Google Earth might also become a source of frustration.  But with options like “Clouds,” “Radar,” and “Conditions and Forecasts,” the update’s cool factor is likely to outweigh any complaints.

Change In Yahoo Rankings
Yahoo! Search is updating some important changes to its algorithm and index.

Yahoo Search Update Nearing Completion

The latest changes to Yahoo’s search engine should be wrapping up soon, the company said on the Yahoo Search blog.

Yes, Google Admits Torching Your PageRank
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Paid links proved the PageRank undoing for search professionals as well as for prominent sites like The Washington Post, but only recently did Google confess to doing this.

PageRank Update Another Message To Link Sellers?

Either the Google PageRank in your toolbar is officially meaningless, or Google just sent another message to link sellers. Once again, Google isn’t talking and we’re left to speculate.

Gmail For Mobile Update Offers Improvements
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Don’t you hate it when a supposed “advance” becomes something to be feared?  Think of the iPhone updates, or Yahoo’s switch from Musicmatch Jukebox to Yahoo Music Jukebox.  Luckily, an upgrade to Gmail for mobile really is better in almost every way.

Google Releases Urchin Update

Users of Urchin’s software probably aren’t completely satisfied – the words “limited beta” are kind of a downer – but they’ve at least been tossed a morsel, as Google has updated Urchin 5.

Google Desktop For Linux Gets An Update

If it’s really the thought that counts, then users are likely to be grateful for an upgrade to Google Desktop for Linux.  But in terms of practicality, it appears that the search giant may have partially misdirected its efforts.

Back To School Season Benefits Search Engines

Pencil . . . check.  Paper . . . check.  Access to your search engine of choice . . . check.  Well, maybe schools aren’t putting Google on their supply lists, but the back to school season has turned out well for all the major search companies.

Google Earth Turns Unwelcome Eye Towards Israel

We’ve seen this sort of thing before: people complaining that Google Earth has exposed military secrets or put certain structures at risk.  Yet of all the nations in the world, Israel may have the most right to worry, and it’s this country that the latest update affected.

130 Countries Covered In Google Earth Update
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Google Earth enthusiasts should prepare to lose another chunk of their lives to the program – a new update has been made, and this one covers “approximately 130 countries.”

Relevancy Chagnes at MSN, Yahoo, & Maybe Google

MSN Search Update

MSN announced they are upgrading relevancy and coverage. The increased coverage likely means that more inbound link sources are getting indexed. From looking at rankings of a few of my sites it looks like:

Google Slow To Update Cache Data?

With a first look at a site:familyonetransportation.com query, everything seems fine. But with a look at the cache:familyonetransportation.com result for that page, the picture becomes much more clear.

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