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YouTube Channels Get New Look March 7th YouTube Channels Get New Look March 7th
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Time is ticking to update your new YouTube channel. YouTube unveiled its new channels look in December, but are trying to have everyone caught up by March 7th. The update includes new templates for channels and new features across the …

Google’s Ad Related Algorithm Update Analyzed By Experts Google’s Ad Related Algorithm Update Analyzed By Experts
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We’ve covered the topic of Google’s latest update, and tried to raise important questions regarding the implications of the update. What do the experts in the field of SEO have to say regarding this update? There’s one specific aspect of …

How Is Google’s Algorithm Update Determining “Ads Above The Fold”? How Is Google’s Algorithm Update Determining “Ads Above The Fold”?
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Less ads intruding on quality content, it’s a simple concept – right? When the majority of us visits a website, we’re visiting to get something we want. When an obstacle is in our way from the main goal, we tend …

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Makes Questionable Changes Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Makes Questionable Changes
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If you’re connected to Xbox Live, then today you’ll enjoy an update to the Xbox 360 dashboard. Generally, Microsoft will make some cosmetic changes and perhaps add new features or menus to try and make the interface more accessible and …

SEO Experts React To Google Algorithm Update SEO Experts React To Google Algorithm Update
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I’m not sure what other writers are calling Google’s algorithm update, as we’ve only had it for a day. I’m staying with the KISS (keep it simple stupid) method, and calling it “Google Fresh“. No doubt, SEO experts, webmasters, and …

Google Algorithm Update Focuses On Freshness and Recency Google Algorithm Update Focuses On Freshness and Recency
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At the rate information is transferring, it seems like a losing game to try and stay current on everything that is occurring. However, it’s exactly what Google is planning with their latest algorithm update. Simply put, they’re trying to make …

Microsoft Utilizing HTML5 for Bing Mobile Hybrid Apps Microsoft Utilizing HTML5 for Bing Mobile Hybrid Apps
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Consider this another victory for the advancement of HTML5, the latest mark-up language update which pushes the envelope of HTML capabilities. Microsoft has decided to use it to build their latest Bing for Mobile apps. What benefits will the language …

PlayStation Network Back Online Within a Week (Maybe) PlayStation Network Back Online Within a Week (Maybe)
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When it’s all said and done, it looks like the PSN may be down for over 2 weeks. The latest official update posted to the PlayStation blog takes the form of a Q&A, much of it mirroring questions outlined yesterday …

OMG Added to OED OMG Added to OED
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ROFLMAO! The Oxford English Dictionary, which is approaching 130 years old, contains over 600,000 words, definitions and pronunciations.  As the premier authority on the English language, they like to update their word lists quite frequently.  This month, this means the …

Facebook Questions Revamped
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When the beta version of Facebook questions debuted in the summer of 2010, it was large and in charge – of your news feed that is.  Yes, the old Facebook Questions got to be sickeningly annoying to this writer.  Today, …

Google Announces Update to AdSense
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To everyone out there concerned that Google AdSense is causing your content to load slowly, the company has just announced a fix via Twitter. @AdSenseGoogle AdSenseExciting news! Faster load time for AdSense publishers worldwide:http://bit.ly/idvgmA 1 hour ago via web · powered by …

Gmail for iPhone Gets Connection Bar

Honestly, most people will do anything to avoid running apps through Safari.  If there is a way to launch directly from the home screen, it will be found.  I am most definitely one of those people.  There is one exception …

Google Docs Upgrades Commenting

Google announced today that it has updated commenting on Google Docs to include features that will supposedly encourage feedback and smoother discussions. First up, all comments will now contain a timestamp and picture.  Single comments will also be able to …

UPDATE: Twitter Number Crunching

Yesterday, we told you about Twitter development team member Ryan Sarver’s message to third-party client developers.  In this message he stated that it was Twitter’s goal to create a uniform experience for users, and many non-official clients were preventing that …

Facebook Has Mapped Status Updates Relating To Disaster In Japan
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The Global Disaster Relief is an initiative started by Facebook to help raise awareness of natural disasters taking place across the globe. The page was started as a response to the earthquake which devastated Haiti. It’s safe to say the …

YouTube Still Rolling Out Page Updates

YouTube has been testing page design upgrades and last week added a highlights view for comments that summarizes top rated comments, uploader comments and responses that can be drilled into for more detail.  YouTube also made some improvements to their new like/dislike ratings system. You’ll need to opt-in to be part of the test of these new features.

Facebook Blocks Popular iLike App

Now that iLike owned by rival MySpace, Facebook is restricting some features of the iLike app on it pages. The move is bound to be unpopular with the 12 million users that have made iLike the #1 music app on Facebook. Over the last few days Facebook users who had installed the iLike app received this message:

The Rising Problems of Facebook Reconnect

With Halloween looming in the very near future one wonders if the ‘reconnect’ feature’s algorithm doesn’t have a little bit of ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ mischief in it or is programmed for the macabre. Either way it is managing to upset more than a few Facebook users with suggestions that border on the, well, bizarre.

Twitter Updating Main Page To Better Show The Purpose Of The Platform

Let’s try something a little different as the focus goes to Twitter (yet again) and its impact on the free world’s ability to function properly. I have said on many occasions that regular users of Twitter are not the best people to be actually examining Twitter’s success or lack thereof. Why? Mainly because there seems to be this assumption that the rest of the world understands what Twitter is as well as social media ‘regulars’ do. The simple reality is that that kind of thinking is, how can I say this diplomatically….. stupid.

Twitter’s Plan For Reality TV, Or Not

UPDATE: Looks like there won’t be a Twitter TV show.

Twitter Co-Founder Apologizes For Hasty Update

 So Twitter caused a bit of controversy this week as they changed their @replies feature in a way that actually effected just 3% of their users