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Amelia Earhart Situation For Flight 370

International attention focusing on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has led to collective concern that the most recent occurrence could be another unsolved global mystery, similar to the officially-unsolved case involving renowned pilot Amelia Earhart. Former U.S. aviation …

JonBenet Ramsey Murder, Cold Case After 17 Years
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Seventeen years later and no arrest has been made in the death of 6-year-old beauty pageant tot, Jonbenet Ramsey. In 1996, Ramsey’s body was found the day after Christmas in the basement of John and Patsy Ramsey’s Boulder, Col., home …

Mysterious Hum Heard ‘Round the World

What do Taos, N.M.; Vancouver, Canada; Auckland, New Zealand; Bristol, England; and Largs, Scotland all have in common? A select few residents of these diverse cities are victims of the Hum, a constant, low-frequency noise that has affected seemingly random …

Police Take Unsolved Murders To Internet
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The Internet is certainly maligned enough as a place of general depravity and poor etiquette, but all shadows have a lighter side. The Toronto Police, for example, have launched a website where visitors can check out cold homicide cases and provide new clues.
Police Take Unsolved Murders To Internet