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Southwest Flight Diverted After Passenger Attempts to Open Door

A man’s attempt to exit a Southwest plane while in mid-air left passengers in complete panic Sunday. Flight 722-which was transporting 134 passengers and five crew members-was en route to Sacramento from Chicago when it was forced to make an unintended stop in Nebraska due to the disorderly passenger. Witnesses say that Joshua Carl Lee Suggs was acting pretty strangely after the flight …

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Flight Diverted Due to “Unruly Passenger”

An AirTran flight left Baltimore Monday afternoon, making it’s way to Austin, Texas. During the flight a man, who is being described as an “unruly passenger”, tried to open the emergency exit at the back of the plane. AirTran Flight 265 was forced to land at Memphis International Airport at around 6:30 p.m. The plane was over Little Rock, Arkansas …

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