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Amanda Bynes Goes Brunette for Christmas

Amanda Bynes has changed her hair color yet again–this time dying it brunette and sharing her new look with her followers this past week. She tweeted a message along with a photo on Christmas Day. People magazine reports that in addition to changing her hair color, Amanda Bynes is planning on switching schools as well. She tweeted just a few …

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Vince Vaughn Buys Lane Kiffin’s House for $6.5 Million

According to the Los Angeles Times, Vince Vaughn has purchased former University of Southern California football coach Lane Kiffin’s Manhattan Beach home. Vaughn reportedly paid $6.5 million for the sprawling 7,308-square-foot mansion. The six-bedroom, seven-bath home sits on a 1/2-acre lot and features a three-car garage, swimming pool, spa, guest house, and outdoor kitchen. Just last year, Vaughn purchased what …

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This 6-Axis 3D Printer May Be The Future Of Additive Manufacturing

There’s no denying that 3D printers are amazing. The progress made over the last few years in the field has been nothing short of phenomenal. That being said, there’s still much progress to be made, especially in how 3D printers actually, well, print. At the University of Southern California, Professor Yong Chen and students Xuan Song and Yayue Pan have …

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Researchers Have Created Solar Cell Paint

Researchers at the University of Southern California have created a stable, nanocrystal form of solar cells that can exist as a liquid ink. The cells could be used to paint or print onto a clear surface, turning it into a solar panel. The technology may turn out to be important, as solar energy is turned to for more of the …

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Younger Women Value Online Communities More Than Men

In a significant reversal over the past three years, many more young women than men indicate they feel as strongly about their online communities as their real world ones, according to researchers at the University of Southern California.

The researchers found 67 percent of women under 40 said they feel as strongly about their Internet communities as their offline ones, while only 38 percent of men said the same.

In 2007 the numbers were reversed, with 69 percent of men and 35 percent of women feeling the same way.

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