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Kiss Cam Video Becomes A Viral Hit

Whenever a couple attends a sporting event of some kind, there’s a good chance their faces will appear in a kiss cam, and if that’s the case, they’ll probably feel instant pressure to smooch in front of thousands of people. But what happens when the couple at the sporting event isn’t really a couple, and they’re actually brother and sister? …

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People Are Now Controlling Drones With Their Minds

The drones of today are controlled via a remote control. The drones of tomorrow will be controlled via your brain. University of Minnesota Biomedical Engineering Professor Bin He recently unveiled his latest project – a drone that can be controlled with brain waves. The device in question is a skullcap with a variety of sensors place on the outside of …

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Tubby Smith Fired From Minnesota Basketball

College basketball coach Tubby Smith coached the 11-seeded University of Minnesota men’s basketball team past six-seeded UCLA in the second round of the men’s NCAA basketball tournament, but the team lost to third-seed Florida in the next round. Evidently, a tournament showing and a winning record are not enough to guarantee a coaching position in the NCAA these days. The …

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