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U.S. Broadband To Reach 86 Million Households
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Around 86 million U.S. households will have broadband Internet access by 2012 according to a new report from JupiterResearch.

Webmasters, Take Note Of Universal Google

Since Google has updated its search to make results from different verticals more available, webmasters can make people more aware of their site’s contents.

Universal Search & Other Searchology Surprises

When Google yesterday invited a number of reporters to come down to Mountain View for an event they called Searchology, I figured they had something in the works.

I had to turn down the invitation because of other commitments, but we sent Enquiro’s Director of Technology and analytics blogger, Manoj Jasra down in my stead.

Easy Money from Video Content
Google bought YouTube, but is struggling with ironing out ad revenue shares and advertising. What is the easiest way for Google to fix these issues? Integrate YouTube and Google Video directly into Google’s search results.

Google Goes Universal With Search

Google’s Marissa Mayer today announced the launch of a new integrated search called universal search.

Social Media Growth Apparently Driven from Asia

Social media and blogging is soaring with Asia a key growth market, according to research conducted by Universal McCann as reported by Brand Republic on May 11.

While I have some concerns about this story (see below), some of the reported stats are quite interesting:

NBC Universal, MobiTV Team Up For Wireless Deal

The battleground for the third screen continues as NBC Universal and MobiTV team up to offer on-demand programming to wireless customers. Users will be able to take in shows featured on NBC, USA Network, Sci-Fi Channel, Telemundo and other NBCU properties as well.

Microsoft’s Digg-Like Site

Microsoft has been running in beta in some foreign markets a website called MSN Reporter that copies many features from the popular Digg website. On MSN Reporter, users share and rate news, rating them up or down with giant “Kicken!” and “Dumpen!” buttons (translated as “Kick it” and “Dump it”).

Universal Continues Push For Video Royalties

Last November, Universal Music Group sued Bolt.com alleging various instances of copyright infringement. It appears that the two sides are nearing a settlement agreement that will see Bolt hand over several million dollars in damages as well as agree to pay future royalties on uploaded content that contains music from Universal Artists.

A Universal Data Type Checker

In many different scenarios we need to check if a string can be converted into an integer e.g.

Dreamweaver 8 Advises You On CSS

Developers at Adobe pursued improvements with the number one web development tool by focusing on an issue that has proven a real time waster for developers.

MySpace Becomes Latest UMG Legal Target
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Universal Music Group has filed a copyright violation lawsuit against social networking juggernaut MySpace.com. The case, filed in a U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, alleges that MySpace allows its users post to copyrighted soundtracks and music videos on their websites.

Zune Released, PS3 Failure, Vista and more

The Zune came out today, as well as news that Microsoft is paying Universal Music $1 per Zune sold, in order to get Universal’s music in its Zune music store. Looks like the music industry and the mafia aren’t so different after all

NBC And MSN Working Together

MSN and NBC Universal Digital Studios, a studio dedicated to creating original and unique programming for a wide range of digital platforms, have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement announced today by George Kliavkoff, chief digital officer of NBC Universal, and Rob Bennett, general manager of Entertainment and Video Services for MSN.

Microsoft And Universal: Desperate

Two things strike me about the deal between Microsoft and Universal Music, which will see the record company get a cut of every Zune player the software giant (theoretically) sells. The first is that such an arrangement is an obvious sign that Microsoft is desperate, and the second is that it’s an obvious sign that the major record labels are not just desperate but creatively bankrupt.

Microsoft Goes Universal

Proving that Microsoft is not the monopoly in all aspects of computer technology, the company has reached an agreement that they hope will help the Zune digital music player compete with Apple iPod.

Comedy Central Gives YouTube OK

After demanding that YouTube remove all of its copyrighted videos last week, Comedy Central has given YouTube the okay to continue hosting video of its TV shows.

Warner Partners with Brightcove to Mimic YouTube

Warner Music Group signed a deal with Internet video provider Brightcove that will spread Warner-owned videos around the web in a free, ad-supported form.

EU to Censor Online Video Content?

The British Government is seeking to stop an EU directive that would force any website featuring video clips to register as a Television-Like Service.

YouTube Clones Hammered by Universal

In a move that may be foreboding for the recent Google-YouTube merger, Universal Music Group is suing video-sharing sites Bolt.com and Grouper for copyright infringement.

Universal Angry At MySpace, YouTube

Universal Music Group CEO Doug Morris called the two media sharing websites “copyright infringers” and hinted at legal action against them. YouTube has until the end of September to appease Morris and company…

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