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Eisner Series On Amazon Unbox

Michael Eisner’s web series "Prom Queen" is now available as a full length download from Amazon Unbox.

"Prom Queen" launched in April on MySpace and is an 80 episode series that are 90 seconds long. The series can be purchased from Amazon for $9.99 to own and to rent for 30 days for $3.99.

Amazon next Google? Maybe not

A couple of days ago I said that Amazon might be the fearsome Microsoft killer we were expecting Google to be. But after reading the latest reviews of Amazon’s new Unboxed, I should take that back.

Unbox Elicits Yawns From Observers

Amazon.com opened up its online video download service, called Unbox, to its customers. Unbox provides film and TV episode sales, and movie rentals, that can be played on a PC or a TV. The offering has drawn a great big “meh” from some quarters, though.

Amazon Soon To Unbox Video

It wasn’t too long ago that Ad Age reported that big-mouthed television executives let it slip that Amazon was preparing an online video content service, called Amazon Digital Video. A Net detective proves that keeping a secret online is like hiding a ham in your shorts.