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Report: Google

Not every search query goes through Google, but the company’s doing a pretty good job of getting to that point.  New comScore data indicates that more than 75 percent of all UK searches were performed with Google in June.

Report: Google

Not every search query goes through Google, but the company’s doing a pretty good job of getting to that point.  New comScore data indicates that more than 75 percent of all UK searches were performed with Google in June.

Report: Google

Not every search query goes through Google, but the company’s doing a pretty good job of getting to that point.  New comScore data indicates that more than 75 percent of all UK searches were performed with Google in June.

Facebook Catches eBay In The UK
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A fair number of WebProNews readers like Facebook.  Even more seem to have strong anti-eBay feelings.  Here’s some good news, then: in a certain region, Facebook’s beaten eBay UK in terms of monthly visits.

Google Street View Given Nod In UK

Any people wanting to explore Britain from the comfort of their office chairs are in luck; the Information Commissioner’s Office has concluded that Google Street View doesn’t create any real privacy problems.

Parliament Wants Better Screening For Video Sites
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Video sites that host user-generated content need to do more to screen videos in order to ensure they do not have material that is inappropriate for children, according to a UK parliamentary body.

Parliament’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee said without proper monitoring sites can accidentally publish pornography, child abuse or other illegal content, the group said in a report.

UK Hacker Loses Extradition Case
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A British man accused of hacking into the computer systems of the U.S. military and NASA lost his appeal today against extradition to the U.S. where he will stand trial.

Gary McKinnon, 42, attempted to appeal his transfer to the U.S. to be tried for what has been called "the biggest military hack of all time" by taking his case to Britain’s highest court, the House of Lords.

Frequent Texting Can Lead To Injuries

A UK based organization, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), is warning young people who are heavy text message users about text message injury.

The group found text message injuries are common among young people. In a recent survey of 177 people between the ages of 16 and 24 found that 34 percent send 20 or more text messages a day.

Sixteen percent of 16-24 year olds said they had experienced discomfort in their hands when they text and a small number have felt pain in their wrists, arms, neck, and shoulders.

BBC Editor Going To Google’s PR Department

Don’t be surprised if Google starts to get a lot of positive press overseas.  A man who’s something of a media expert – for four years, he served as editor of the BBC show Newsnight – will be joining the search giant as its head of communications and public affairs for the UK, Ireland, and Benelux regions.

UK Cracks Down On Internet Music Piracy
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Britain’s major online service providers have joined a government initiated plan to deal with the illegal downloading of music and films.

Internet service providers will send warning letters to users who are suspected of illegal file sharing. Around 6 million Britons are believed to have downloaded files illegally over the past year, costing the music and film industries millions in lost revenue.

Facebook’s Market Share Still Climbing In The UK

New Hitwise numbers regarding social networks in the UK are out, and from the looks of things, Facebook is on a very nice roll.  Top competitors MySpace and Bebo have been rather less fortunate.

Google Tops Superbrands List
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This week is off to a pretty ideal start for Google.  Aside from the odds of Microsoft and Yahoo ganging up on it now seeming miniscule, the search giant has been named the UK’s best "superbrand."

UK To Get First WordCamp Event

 This is an event I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while – WordCamp UK 2008, the first WordCamp in the UK, takes places in Birmingham during this weekend July 19-20.

Hitwise: Twitter Taking Off In The UK
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Twitter may be associated with itty bitty messages and terrible reliability, but somehow, it’s managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean.  New data shows that Twitter is actually quite popular in the UK.

BT To Pour $3 Billion Into UK Broadband

UK based BT said today that it plans to invest $3 billion in super fast broadband providing access to 10 million homes by 2012.

BT says the new broadband will have speeds of up to 100 Mb/s with the potential for speeds of more than 1,000 Mb/s.

The company says its broadband plan will only be rolled out if regulator Ofcom allows it to receive a good return on its investment.

Podcasts Help Radio Listening In UK

One of the reasons I often hear as to why podcasting took off in the US is because of the poor choices available from radio.

Homogenized content and script-reading presenters wherever you listen are among the anecdotal statistics thrown about.

Internet Has Almost Double The Influence Of TV
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In the UK, Germany, and France the Internet has about double the influence of television when it comes to consumer decision making according to the Digital Influence Index, a study done by Fleishman-Hillard and Harris Interactive.

The study found that consumers use the Internet in a number of ways to make decisions. Consumers are more likely to seek opinions of others by visiting social media and product rating sites when making choices that have a major personal impact.

Minors Able To Buy Violent Video Games Online
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Children are able to purchase violent video games illegally through online auction sites according to the UK based Trading Standards Institute.

Nearly 90 percent of online retailers tested offered violent video games to children who were under 18. Games that were purchased included Manhunt, Grand Theft Auto, Godfather and Hitman, all of which are rated 18 and over because of violent content.

Welsh Heads of Trading Standards (WHOTS) conducted the investigation. Six local authorities used volunteers between the ages of 12 and 16, to purchase 18 -rated video games online.

AdWords UK Trademark Changes Not Disastrous
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It seemed as if all manner of chaos and sniping would reign after Google began to allow companies to bid on each other’s trademarks in the UK.  New Hitwise stats indicate that traffic patterns changed have very little, though.

UK Teens Using Google Earth To Throw Raucous Pool Parties
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Teenagers in the UK are using Google Earth to find homes with swimming pools in their area and then communicating the locations of the pools on Facebook so they can have impromptu pool parties with their friends.

Police said some homeowners are waking up to find teens swimming in their pools and other have arrived home after work to find their pools littered with beer cans.

Those who participate in the "dipping" parties typically wear nice clothes and are instructed to "bring a bike" so they can make a quick getaway.

Social Networks Doing Well In The UK
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Earlier today, the subject was blogs.  Now we’re on to social networks.  It seems people in the UK are becoming quite fond of the things, as statistics in two critical areas has jumped since last year.