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Gigantic 110-Inch TV Now Sold by Samsung

Samsung this week announced that it has begun selling a massive 110-inch TV. The TV, dubbed the 110S9, features an ultra high definition (UHD), 800MP display that measures a 110 inches (nearly 9.2 feet) diagonally. The display itself sits in a frame that is similar to Samsung’s smaller UHD TV sets, though obviously much larger. According to Samsung, the 110S9 …

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Ultra HD TV Market to Improve Next Year

After the revolution of high-definition television, TV manufacturers began searching for the next big feature that will raise the TV market. 3D-enabled TVs have failed to catch on in a big way, held back by the annoying requirement of glasses and the simple fact that 3D doesn’t add much to a home viewing experience. The smart TV is a newer …

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