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Ubuntu 13.10 Is Now Available, Supports Nexus Devices

In February, Canonical announced that Ubuntu would make its way to mobile devices in October. Since then, it’s been a crazy year for the Linux-distribution, from a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign that ultimately failed to a big push in getting Ubuntu on tablets. Now the moment Linux fans have been waiting for is here as Ubuntu for mobile devices has officially …

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Linux Fans Rejoice: Ubuntu Smartphones Are Coming This Year

Back in November, it was announced that Ubuntu would be coming to Android phones. The app would allow any Android phone to be turned into a mini-PC when plugged into a monitor. Now the makers of Ubuntu are taking it one step further by bringing the Linux distribution directly to smartphones. Canonical announced that it’s currently working on bringing Ubuntu …

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Your Next Android Phone May Come With An Ubuntu PC

Android is pretty versatile as far as operating systems go. It can be a lot of things, but we still haven’t seen Android take on the PC space in a big way just yet. Ubuntu might just change that. Ubuntu, one of the most popular Linux distributions available, will soon be available on Android phones sporting multi-core processors. The application …

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