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Al-Qaeda, Free Syrian Army Stop Fighting in Azaz

The BBC reported this morning that fighting between some of the rebel groups has come to a grinding halt in the town of Azaz. Militants linked to al-Qaeda and fighting under the banner of “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) attacked the town earlier this week, wresting the town from Free Syrian Rebels backed by the western world. …

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George Stephanopoulos talks to President Obama

President Barack Obama went mano-a-mano with George Stephanopoulos on the ABC News segment “This Week” to talk about what will certainly be a defining moment for the Obama presidency: the handling of the Syrian chemical weapons quandary. Stephanopoulos spoke with Obama on the eve of an official deal between Russia and the United States to rid Syria of its chemical …

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John McCain: I’ll Reply to Putin’s NYT Op-Ed in Pravda

For the first time in history, one world leader will respond to another world leader via newspaper columns in their respective nations and languages. Vladimir Putin penned a NYT column last week that discussed U.S. foreign policy with regard to a forthcoming attack on Syria. That column incensed many readers, and some Twitter reactions labeled Putin a “concern troll” who’s …

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Putin Pens New York Times Op-Ed, Talks Foreign Policy

The “bad boy” president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has a message for the American people, and in a conveniently timed viral column that The New York Times published on September 11, Putin bypasses political pleasantries and gets right to business. “Recent events surrounding Syria have prompted me to speak directly to the American people and their political leaders. It is …

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