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Peregrine Falcon Nest Delays Aircraft Carrier Trip

The U.S. Navy is set to send the decommissioned supercarrier USS Saratoga from Newport, Rhode Island to Texas to be dismantled, but a family of peregrine falcons nesting on board has caused a delay. The Navy isn’t moving the ship until the fledglings are ready to take flight. Naval Station Newport contacted the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service after the …

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Captive Chimps May Soon Get Endangered Species Protections

If a recent proposal is finalized, captive chimpanzees will be given an extra layer of protection – the same afforded to their wild counterparts. As of right now, only wild chimpanzees are considered an “endangered” species. Captive chimps, on the other hand, are simply listed as “threatened.” A new proposal from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service looks to change …

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