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BlackBerry-Style iPhone Keyboard Sales Banned by Court

A U.S. District Court judge for the Northern District of California has issued a preliminary injunction against the Typo keyboard. The peripheral is a BlackBerry-style keyboard attachment for iPhone devices. According to a New York Times report the judge overseeing the case believes that BlackBerry’s copyright claims against the Typo product are likely to hold up in court. The injunction …

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BlackBerry Files to Block Typo Keyboard Case Sales

Just after the new year began, BlackBerry filed a lawsuit against iPhone case-maker Typo. The company’s product, the Typo iPhone Keyboard Case, snaps on to modern iPhones to give them a physical keyboard. The case is a solution for consumers who prefer the physical keyboards of BlackBerry’s past designs, but who also prefer the software that Apple’s iOS provides. Today …

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BlackBerry Sues iPhone Keyboard Case-Maker Typo

Having dismissed singer Alicia Keys as its global creative director, BlackBerry this week is now looking to protect what little it has left by defending its patents. BlackBerry today announced that it has filed suit against Typo, a company that creates an iPhone case with a built-in keyboard. The Typo keyboard case is set to ship this month and can …

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