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Noisy Typer Turns Your Mac Into A Typewriter, Brings Out Your Inner Hemingway

Let’s say that you’re the type of person who like to wax nostalgic about the time when writers like Ernest Hemingway pecked away at a typewriter inside an unfurnished hardwood flat, while mercilessly pounding whiskey and chain-smoking. But let’s also say that you’re a person who can’t live without the modern comforts of a computer, and the thought of actually …

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The Typewriter Dies, the Electronic Autograph is Born

Every so often things happens in such a perfect, complementary fashion that it shakes the arguments against predetermination to the core.  Alas, where one once bright star is slowly flickering out another is bursting with new light.  And one might think that a little piece of the old has somehow found its way into the new. In this case, the …

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