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Two-Year-Old Held Hostage In Rapid City, SWAT Team Called On Scene

On Tuesday, a two-year-old boy was held hostage by a burglar in Rapid City. The authorities were alerted of a burglary at 4pm, but the suspect fled to a nearby house where he took the two-year-old boy hostage. Reports indicate that several children and adults were able to escape, but Raymond Cuny held the two-year-old boy captive. Police reports say …

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Two-Year-Old Hostage Situation Ends Peacefully

These days, it seems all too common to hear stories of situations involving police which end tragically, oftentimes with innocent people being caught in collateral damage. There are those rare circumstances, though, when the news reports on the good deeds of police officers, bringing credence to the idea that not all law enforcement officers are power-hungry and incompetent. One such …

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