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Facebook Stories Launches to Show How People Use the Platform “in Extraordinary Ways”

Today, Facebook launched Facebook Stories, a new site that they say will “celebrate the extraordinary ways that people are using Facebook.” Facebook can be used for a lot more than arguing about politics, sharing baby photos, and checking in on your ex to see if they got fat – and Facebook wants to highlight some of the more poignant, possibly …

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Twitter Helps Homeless Man Reconnect With His Daughter

As December rolls on, we will undoubtedly be inundated with year-in-review materials – “top this” and “best of that.” Some of this is incredibly uninteresting, simply due to the fact that it feels so obligatory. But Twitter’s kick off to their year-in-review happens to be a great story. That’s because it has to do with Twitter Stories, Twitter’s initiative to …

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Twitter Stories Attempt To Show The Human Element Of Tweeting

Today, Twitter has launched Twitter Stories, a site dedicated to human interest stories that revolve around the real-world impact that a single tweet can have. According to the official Twitter blog – Today we’re launching the first in a series of Twitter stories. Read about a single Tweet that helped save a bookstore from going out of business; an athlete …

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